The Art of Procrastination

What skill would I love to master?

If you asked me this question, I would reply immediately with “mind reading.” It’s so wonderful, it’s quick, it’s accurate. You have complete power about what you know/don’t know about the person.

However, recently I realised I really don’t care. Who cares what they think? Who cares what’s running through their mind? I haven’t been any political, challenging or pondered position where I needed to know their every thought. Which suits me just fine, because there are a lot of things I don’t want to know.

Also, in the end, their thought process matters very little. How they act, react, feel, carry themselves tell a lot more about a person than they’ll ever know.

So what skill, realistically, would I love to master?

To not procrastinate.

Actually, I’m more of an all-or-nothing person. I will finish assignments within three days they’re handed to me (school-wise) but if the time exceeds, I’ll just leave it until the last minute. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

It’s the same thing with reading. Lately, I haven’t been reading that much –well, not as much as I used to. And it’s mainly because the book I’m reading is excessively boring, but I have this mental quirk where I have to finish what I start. Apply that to writing, and that’s the reason I continue working on projects I absolutely loathe.

So I don’t want to be wired this way. I hate leaving everything to the last minute. And then I promise myself, tomorrow I’ll stop. And then I do it all over again. Why?

Oh, and I also leave exam revision to the last minute too. Very bad move.

However, I’m planning on changing this. This year, when I start school, I’ll revise the material the minute it’s handed out to me. And I’ll revise it over and over until it’s memorised. Hopefully. Maybe. I kind of say that before every year…

Also, a quick YouTube link that’s my favourite instrumental currently.

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One thought on “The Art of Procrastination

  1. I here you on the procrastination. I’m guilty of that too! I’m always curious as to what makes some people procrastinate while others would never dream of it. I think procrastination has a lot to do with perfectionism. I tend to wait on doing things until I can “do them perfectly.” That time usually never comes.

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