The City Is Silent

A small note

I never reread my own work, because I desperately feel compelled to change every word. I am never satisfied with my writing… perfectionism is my greatest enemy. For this reason, my writing (unfortunately) contains many imperfections; typos, plot-holes, mixing of facts, etc. However, I genuinely love writing, and by some miracle, find readers willing to tolerate these countless faults and uncover meaning and expression behind my words.

For those readers, I will continue to share my writing.

So thank you.



3874799-256-k955648After a car-accident leaves her mother paralysed from the waist-down, Grace isn’t sure if she can ever experience happiness again.

Change is the reason her mother is a different person; the reason her pianist father plays only bitter melodies and why her outgoing-self diminished to an introvert who cannot express herself verbally, but with artistic creations.

The time she spends scrawling in a sketchbook are the moments she cherishes most. For that tiny amount of time, her broken life is forgotten –and, as impulsive as any other career decision, Grace knows she wishes to make it her future.

In order to embrace the competitive world of art, however, artists need to repeatedly alter their techniques and skills to match their opponents.

But how can somebody, so afraid of letting go, chase her unstable dreams?

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General Information:

STATUS: Rewriting the second draft. First draft was completed at 62,000 words. At this stage, only the prologue has been rewritten/edited.

First draft written from January 20, 2013 to May 11, 2013.

Official Website: The City Is Silent 

Theme song: Song for Viola by Peter Bradley Adams.

16 thoughts on “The City Is Silent

  1. This sounds great! It seems very unique and attention-grabbing. I would love to read it! Would you ever consider posting a sample on here? 😉 Either way, great idea and general story line. You sound very passionate about the subject and it shows. Have fun writing! =)

    • You and me both. 😉
      It seems like one of those things that’ll, literally, never happen. xD
      I wonder if I’ll even finish it before the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. O_O

  2. Sounds great! Keep working on it. You only on 70% left, seems loads but you’ll soon reach your goal and you will be so over-whelmed! Great plot.

    • Thank you so much! 😀
      Ah, I’ve been so late in replying to your message! But I’d like to tell you that you’re totally right: I’m currently at 62% and am feeling very upbeat about a goal I thought I may never accomplish.
      Thank you so much for your support and for dropping by! 😀

  3. Wow, how talented you are to be a writer. I don’t have enough imagination to be one and my thoughts just wander off too much, even when just making a post. Great job and love the cover picture!

    • Aww, thank you. 🙂 To be honest, writing was just a way for me to cope with things rather than an art in itself. So, basically, it made me happy –and that’s why I do it, hahaha. You sound like a really imaginative person, despite your claims, and sometimes the best posts/stories are the whimsical ones. 😀

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