Violet Ink

     A small note

I never reread my own work, because I desperately feel compelled to change every word. I am never satisfied with my writing… perfectionism is my greatest enemy. For this reason, my writing (unfortunately) contains many imperfections; typos, plot-holes, mixing of facts, etc. However, I genuinely love writing, and by some miracle, find readers willing to tolerate these countless faults and uncover meaning and expression behind my words.

For those readers, I will continue to share my writing.

So thank you.



One significant summer’s day, something catches sixteen-year-old Tessa’s eye: an article duplicating the events of a narrative she once wrote.

Her supposedly fictional story came true. Through repeats of these bizarre occurrences, her newfound ability allows her to confirm A’s for her classmates, fix the relationship between two lifelong enemies and assist poverty-stricken humans find food and shelter.

But writing for evil is just as easy. Red ink for anger, revenge and psychopathic thoughts; blue for depression, malice and malevolence: two colours of the opposite spectrums, mixing in an eerily simple manner.

Violet ink has never been more tempting.

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2 thoughts on “Violet Ink

    • Thank you so much!
      I did the final touch-ups for this specific picture, but the beautiful original photo was taken by Dan Mountford.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀

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