GIMP: A Free Photostop Alternative

GIMP, in my opinion, is the ultimate replacement of Photoshop.

Then again, I’ve never used Photoshop (properly) so I may be mistaken. But it’s possibly the best freeware out there for graphic designers. I also like Paint.Net (no, not the simplistic Microsoft version, but something else) for editing pictures, but it lacks the ability to create things like GIMP can.

The layout, though, is a little complex in comparison to simpler Graphic-Art programs.

I recommend to find what you want to create and try it out straight away. It might take you time to get used to the software, and there’s nothing quite like accomplishment after creating a header/logo/etc.

With GIMP, you can create all sorts of things. This post expands on this statement.

My header, in fact, was made using GIMP.

My font is called Kaileen, which I downloaded from DaFont.

I admit, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to GIMP, so I used this tutorial to create this header. And I think it turned out pretty awesome!

So if a newbie like myself can do it, you can too!

Download GIMP here:

And be on your merry way! 😀


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