Undiscovered Musicians: The Fray

In the world of internet, sparkling talent usually goes unnoticed. The mentioned bands/artists aren’t exactly unpopular, but they’re definitely unnoticed, despite their shining gifts.

That’s why I’ll post a band and a brief description of them, just to try and get them discovered. So look out for the series of posts which follow the “Undiscovered Talent > Musicians” category.

There’s no order of the arrangement. But I’ll be arranging them in regards of when I first heard of them, most recently discovered last. So I’ll start with my favourite band…

The Fray

Genres: indie/alternative

Popularity status: Fairly high ever since their release of How to Save A Life. But most people don’t know their other amazing songs.

My absolute favourite band is this one. Although I have to admit, I’m not much of a fan of their new album “Scars and Stories.” Like, I don’t hate it (it’s better than half the autotuned songs on the radio) but I guess I’m disappointed because I absolutely adored their previous albums.

Still, they continue to be my favourite band because I love their indie/alternative rock sound. Plus, their lyrics are timeless. I can listen to them over and over again and not feel out of place.

My favourites include Trust Me, Vienna, Absolute, How to Save A Life, You Found Me, Say When. I love all their other songs in the albums How to Save A Life and The Fray, but those ones particularly stand out to me.

Listen to my current favourite The Fray song (it changes depending on my mood), Trust Me. Aren’t the lyrics just beautiful?

If you disagree, we’re no longer friends…

Just kidding!

…Kind of.


3 thoughts on “Undiscovered Musicians: The Fray

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