Sky – A Poem

Today, I was looking through some poems –you know, the usual. A lot of words popped up and it reminded me of my younger version, who loved nothing but expressing herself in poetry.

Back then, however, I was extremely clever with rhymes –I’ve lost that touch now, unfortunately, and rely on free-verse instead.

Anyway, here’s one I just wrote. Hope you like it! 🙂



Strong and blue

Adjusting with the sun and the moon

But sometimes, when sad,

It cries like there’s no tomorrow

Raging hurricanes and broken homes

Iron gates shattered to powder

The sorrowful temper disappears

As it regains strength once more

With aid of the hesitant sun

Sending trembling rays downwards

The sky re-emerges with forgotten memories.

A beautiful irony, a dangerous truth

The strangest role model

Observed everyday


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