EditMinion – Automatically Edits Your Writing


EditMinion is the best automatic, free website for those who’re making the final touches to, let’s say, a novel/Blog-post, etc. I say final touches because no software of any kind can replace the human eye, or the benefits of another human checking over work.

It’s not advisable to depend on this website alone, but it certain has its benefits.

EditMinion is practically an online resource where, if you copy and paste your writing of any sort (for novels, I recommend one chapter at a time), it will give you an automatically generated report.

You must not take this report seriously. I can’t exaggerate this enough. Just because the computer tells you to change things around doesn’t mean you have to: your work is your own, and nobody’s else’s.

But it’s highly useful for novels, as it detects:

  • Adverbs
  • Weak words
  • “Said” replacements
  • Passive Voice
  • Endings with Prepositions
  • Cliches

And it highlights:

  • Common misspellings
  • Frequently Used Words
  • Tricky Homonyms

It’s a wonderful tool if used sparingly.

In all honesty, I dislike it when authors try too hard replacing “said” with other words. It takes away the focus from the actual dialogue being said, and rather, how it’s being said.

Good writing has a balance between passive and active voice. In order to make it developed, have a good balance between the two. Cutting out every instance of passive voice won’t help this.

And cliches exist because they work. It’s nice to be original, but inventing something that doesn’t make sense isn’t ideal.

^ That’s what I mean. You can’t rely on the site to make your decisions for you.

But, it’s still pretty handy. 🙂




9 thoughts on “EditMinion – Automatically Edits Your Writing

      • I know! Lol xD I saw it on your blogger’s blog or something. haha
        Oh! I just remembered about my promise to interview you. >___< Eeep, I'm so forgetful these days. You're number three, missy. I'll let you know if I've done with two Wattpaders I have to interview before you. 😀

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