WordPress VS Blogger


It’s a hefty battle, this one. One that’s been going on for sometime –perhaps even since the medieval times (I kid. Although I’ve got such an awful sense of humour, I apologise in advance for any wince-worthy puns in future posts.)

WordPress and Blogspot are both equally amazing in their own ways. When you think about it, personal preferences are what keeps them apart. It’s difficult to choose among them: both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

As a Blogger-user since 12 years of age, I have a fairly good idea of the interface. Whereas with WordPress, I’m still learning.

Regardless, here are the advantages of each Blogging platform:



  • Custom CSS/HTML markups/designing FREE OF CHARGE. (This one’s huge for me, because I love working with HTML/CSS)
  • More flexible with themes. (There are thousands of Blogger themes, whereas for WordPress, the ones available by default are better than additional, downloadable ones)
  • Widgets work all the time. (I’ve never had a third-party which didn’t work on Blogger; something I cannot say for WordPress)
  • Looks more attractive. (If you’ve creating a website for your art, and you want it to look attractive, Blogger’s the way to go. That’s not saying WordPress isn’t ideal for displaying artwork, but Blogger looks absolutely excellent for colourful/fun pieces)
  • More editing options. (I guess this fits under the HTML/CSS category, but I feel the need to add this on. This is a major advantage Blogger has over WordPress.)



  • Very professional themes. (I can look at a website and immediately tell it’s been made by WordPress without looking at the very bottom. They have a distinctive, professional look to them, whereas Blogger ones are obviously more for fun).
  • Wonderful post-writing full-screen mode. (In fact, I’m using it right now. I love the distraction-free writing mode. Blogger doesn’t have that.)
  • There’s something about the air. (I know, very specific. What I mean is, WordPress is the kind of Blog I want to always go and update. There’s something extremely attractive about the styling and formatting, though I cannot quite put my finger on it.)
  • The likes below each post. (This one’s also huge. On Blogger, nobody used to comment on my posts –was it something I Blogged about?– so I was left, always wondering if somebody visited at all. I mean, I had a fair amount of followers and  views, but I felt unacknowledged. On WordPress, however, it seems there’s always somebody who clicks on a post somehow, sometime. That makes me happy.)
  • Nicer default widgets. (On Blogger, the widgets they recommend are quite unhelpful. The WordPress ones are, however, plenty of assistance and are conveniently placed.)

By the lengthy answers for WordPress, it’s obvious I prefer this Blogging platform over Blogger. However, Blogger’s brilliant for web-designers/artists and graphic designers.

I understand my responses are going to be biased, asking on one of the previously mentioned Blogging platforms, but which Blogging platform do you prefer?

Tell me in the comments’ section! 🙂


3 thoughts on “WordPress VS Blogger

  1. I so agree with the points on both here. It is so hard to choose with pluses and minuses so equal. I got so mad at blogger. I had a beautiful blog which I created myself. I chose blogger because you could do what you wanted with a template yourself for free unlike WP which costs to do that. I got so discouraged though when I suddenly had no follow button anymore to follow blogs. I tried and cried with frustration when I could get no help with why? this happened and how to rectify the problem. and like you it seemed like I got no comments, but a couple spam and little followers. ( maybe my blog had no follow on it either on there? ) Also quite a few blogs I had followed prior to not being able to follow any more moved to WP. So here i am, my beautiful blogs I made are sitting on blogger and I have started over. I still have issues on this site, You still cannot get anyone when you want help. I guess it is just the manner with freebies that grow to the point all you have is questions already put out way back and sometime none can answer yours there. I am not satisfied with the themes completely, but since I might overdo my blog, probably good for me. I also do not get when I receive emails from people liking my blog and I try to check out their blog and it will not let me comment or like with logging in with correct name and password from my email. Maybe someday I will have enough money to do it to I want to completely. (:

    • Both sites have their ups and downs, don’t they?
      I agree! I loved how flexible Blogger was with the designing. Too bad about the awful publicity. However, if you’re interested, this forum on Goodreads helped me gain over 50 followers on there (when I had a Blogger blog, which I don’t have anymore…)
      (You follow other Blogs, they follow yours. It’s not very effective. Publicity on WordPress is a lot better.)
      Oh? Your follow button disappeared? :O
      This might not be helpful, but here’s a video which (fingers crossed!) may solve your problem:

      Blogger = The ultimate place for spam. That’s the main reason I quit; so much spam. I’m not sure if you can block them on Blogger, but you can on WordPress, so I’m extremely thankful for that.
      As for needing somebody to help, I’m always willing! 😀 Just drop me a comment any-time, and I’ll write a Blog-post for you and others who may be having the same problem.
      The themes on WordPress aren’t that flexible, as I’m sure you already know. My theme is the most flexible one I’ve seen (it’s called “Twenty Ten”) and, although it lets me change the header, the background and the widgets, it’s still not as flexible as Blogger.
      Oh, and I’m sure you already know this, but your WordPress blog is beautiful! 😀 (I love the tagline and the background!)

      • Thank you for the compliment on my blog and for the support. To me word press blogs are somewhat plain and none really fit the artistic me with a lot of pizazz.. I chose the one I id since I like short posts like Twitter I can do on the quick if time strapped which is almost 24/7. I will check out the links and keep your help in mind.

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