…Is Writing A Novel in 24 Hours

Am I insane? A novel in 24 hours? Wouldn’t it turn out as something I’d want to toss away immediately? What’s the point of this? Can I even do this? Am I kidding myself?

Most of all, this won’t help at all. Right? No, definitely not. I can’t pull this off. Besides, my fingers will feel like they’re about to fall off. Plus, the computer’s bad for my health –I already have enough trouble sleeping, let alone add extra triggers for irregular sleeping patterns. 

Those are the many questions and negative thoughts I faced while reading this article and feeling inspired (even for a moment) to write a novel in 24 hours.

It’s insane. It’s unnatural.

Yet, it seems perfect.

Think: this time, tomorrow, I’ll have an entire draft finished. Oh, the beauty of that idea. My mind just whirls thinking of it: the editing, the rewriting, the polishing. I’m looking forward to all that.

But first, I need a draft.

So I’ve chosen to take up this challenge. Even if I don’t succeed, at least I’ll have (hopefully) a fair portion of my novel completed.

Here are some strategies I’ll be adopting for this challenge:

  • Double-check this post to confirm my plans for tomorrow.
  • Drink a cup of tea first thing in the morning.
  • Sit at the table in my room, at around 7 am.
  • Open the window wide open
  • Keep a notebook by my side for extra details/ideas.
  • Don’t count on any emails that need replying. Just start straight away.
  • Prepare about three boxes of salt-less, butter-less popcorn.
  • Copy/paste all my music from my Android to my computer.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi for good; the modem itself, if I have to. Along with my Android Tablet –turn the Wi-Fi off that one as well.
  • Open the Word document. Take a deep breath.
  • Start by fleshing out Chapter Two and moving on to fleshing every other chapter I’ve already written brief outlines for. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it’s better if it’s not, so I can always improve.
  • After I’ve finished, write outlines for all my other unwritten chapters and begin from there onward.
  • Write brief outlines of each chapter, with just details in them/how I want the dialogue to sound, etc.
  • Don’t even think about description and specific details until I’ve finished brief outlines of each chapter. Also, take no notice of the word-count. If it’s under, it will be: there’s no need to add extra sentences to make it longer.

Things I won’t do:

  • Procrastinate
  • Change the music too regularly/leave music on repeat
  • Check my Yahoo! mail and any other social media site
  • Log onto WordPress 😦
  • Watch television shows
  • Watch anime
  • Read a book
  • No writing sites
  • No app-downloading (which shouldn’t happen anyway, because the wifi will be off)
  • Get up regularly for more food
  • Give up
  • Study (although I doubt that’ll be happening… then again, I am a master procrastinator, so you can never be sure)
  • Call up my friends and drive them insane with my boring life
  • Annoy Mum (my favourite pass-time!)
  • Not turn the fan on. It’ll be so hot!

And that, hopefully, might be enough. Maybe.

I may just keep short progress notes on how I’m going on this Blog. Depends on how much time I have (or rather, feel I have) tomorrow.

See you all then! Meanwhile, stay safe. 🙂


6 thoughts on “…Is Writing A Novel in 24 Hours

    • Thank you so much! 😀
      I feel horrible for not replying to you before (forgive me!)
      And I, um, failed it. Miserably. xD
      But I totally recommend it to all writers (you have the catchiest title: A Drug Called Freedom). 😀

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