24-Hour Novel-Writing Challenge – Ended

Yesterday, I posted this and shared my aspirations in a 24-hour novel-writing challenge.

It was crazy, a little spontaneous and completely brain-wiring. In fact, the minute I posted this ambition, I realised how crazy it sounded. I can’t write a novel in a day –two weeks for a first draft, yes, but not in a day. Never in a day.

And, as I predicted earlier, I did not successfully complete the challenge.

I have only two hours until the twenty-four hour mark, but my energy has disappeared. My father dragged me along to the shops (I could hardly say no), Mum made me take regular breaks from the computer (“Seriously, Ramisa, how can you stay on the computer for so long? It’s unnatural.”)

My procrastination methods actually resorted to aerobics. I forgot to mention it in my “things I will not do” post yesterday, so naturally, I do the one thing I forgot to add. How typical.

But you know what? I completed over 4,000 words (I actually deleted a lot of my old work and didn’t keep track of how much I deleted, so the sky’s the limit) while editing at the same time.

I’ve written more in day before. However, I congratulate myself, for that’s the highest amount of words I’ve written in weeks. Not even days, but weeks. 

This month, I’m also doing December-Wri-Mo (a personal challenge I set up in replacement of NaNoWriMo) to finish a first draft in 30 days. Although I’m reaching nowhere near my daily word-count goal, I still hold onto hopes of finishing.

I highly encourage everybody to take up the 24-hour novel-writing challenge. 

Why? Because it’s a completely different mentality. I woke up today, made myself a cup of tea and bucket of popcorn, and sat straight down to work. Type, type, type. Delete, delete, delete.

And that’s how my entire day went. I spent very little of my time procrastinating (although it felt like ages to me). I think it’s a wonderful day spent.

I’m definitely trying this again next week. Twenty-four-hour novel, here I come! xD


4 thoughts on “24-Hour Novel-Writing Challenge – Ended

    I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away from writing for so long 😉

    Good look with December-Wri-Mo!

    • Thank you! 😀
      You know your life’s awkward when you have an awesome friend cheering you along, but… you just can’t sit down with your novel, because you want to tear it into pieces rather than write.
      *takes a deep breath*
      I shall start writing in about five minutes. Just for you. 😉

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