7 Instrumental Pieces I Fell In Love With

Is the beauty of pure, instrumental music forgotten?

Lyrics in every song, artificial sound effects and auto-tuned voices. Don’t get me wrong, lyrics are the reason I love many songs. But sometimes I wonder: where has the recognition of wordless music gone?

When a friend of mine, Ivey, asked me for some instrumental suggestions… well, I had too many to suggest. My life revolves around wordless songs; they can brighten/darken up my day in a single playing.

In the list below, I have my Top Seven instrumental pieces, along with incorporated YouTube videos of the song.

1. Song for Viola – Peter Bradley Adams

          Comments: My favourite instrumental of all-time. I have friends who think it’s “just average” but I beg to differ. You know how everybody has one song which speaks to them? For me, this is it.


2. Aria – Giovanni Allevi

         Comments: This is my studying-song. It runs in the background. And since I’ve listened to it so many times, it doesn’t distract me. (and actually improves my focus/productivity). Beautiful song. Although happy, there’s a tinge of sadness too.


3. The Giving – Michael W Smith

         Comments: I very recently discovered this song. This is the only YouTube video I’ve ever found without a single dislike (there’s always that one person…) So that definitely says something about the quality of the music. It’s one of those songs which you simply cannot dislike.


4. Drift – Helen Jane Long

         Comments: The pacing is perfect –not slow, but not rushed either. When I first heard this song, I fell in love with it. There’s not much else I can add: let the song speak for itself.


5. Waves Crash – Jamie K

         Comments: I’ve never chased another song this much. After hearing this on an YouTube video, I simply needed to know the title. So I looked everywhere, used software to try and discover it, and after a couple of weeks, I rediscovered it on somebody else’s Blog. Although light-hearted, it’s a beautiful tune.


6. Back to Life – Giovanni Allevi

         Comments: It’s impossible to dislike anything by this artist. Even the most recent song I discovered by him, “Go With the Flow,” is extraordinary. His compositions are absolutely perfect. They carry you along through different memories and vivid pictures.


7. Endless Night Skies – Jamie K

         Comments: This century’s most underrated pianist? Yes, she might just be it. Her compositions are light-hearted, yet somehow thought-provoking. The titles she chooses fit the composition perfectly. Her other amazing compositions (never heard any I didn’t love) include: Dancing in the Sunset, Fairytale Love, Cloud Swept and Flowing Tides.


We have reached the end of my list! I have so many more instrumentals, this post would be ridiculously long if I added every single one of them. So many beautiful pieces, so little time to express my love for all of them.

I’m planning on having an additional “7 Instrumental Pieces I Fell In Love With (Part Two)” coming up, so look out for it. 🙂

Stay safe, dear readers! ♥


8 thoughts on “7 Instrumental Pieces I Fell In Love With

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  2. i really liked all the music that you shared.i have seen that you made three parts of the instrumentals that you liked and i enjoyed how you wrote comments about each music.make more. 😀

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