How to Copy and Paste A Wattpad Story

Wattpad is a writing/writing website targeted at teens and adults. It’s the largest ebook reading company and is a fantastic way for self-publishers and even traditional published people to get noticed. The reader-base is huge, along with many examples of the target “YA” audience.

One of the reasons it feels safe to post stories is the disabled copy/paste function. Somebody can upload their story and know that, unless a person on the other end is really lifeless and types one word at a time, their novels are safe.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The title of this post says it all. Yes, it’s actually possible to copy and paste stories –it’s so simple, it’s haunting.

[Note: I had the steps up before to prove that I wasn’t bluffing. But then I realised just how negatively this can impact plagiarism. So now I removed them. Guess you’ll just have to trust me on this.]

So what’s the point of this post?

For writers:

I’m, in no way, criticising Wattpad or underestimating the humongous fan-base you can gain. It’s one of the best ways for a small town self-published-author to make it big in the publishing industry. And, in many ways, it’s better than the traditionally-published life (you choose your audience, book covers, where you want to upload them, etc)

That said, if you’re especially scared of possible plagiarism, take it down. If you’re thinking of traditionally publishing a book, take it down. And there are countless reasons why you might want to. If so, take it down.

Your writing isn’t copy-and-paste safe there.

Do you still want to share your story online but don’t want to worry about copy/paste functions?

I’ve found two alternatives:

Figment – When [the anonymous thing that controls copy and paste] is blocked, none of the text is viewable.

Scribd – (You need to go into settings and click “Disable Copy and Paste”) You can still copy words, but when you paste it, there’s just gibberish. Not a proper paste.

Then again, there might be hacks into both those sites a year from now. So don’t count on any site being copy-and-paste proof forever.

And at the same time, I doubt Wattpad will stay like this for long. They’ll probably do something similar to Figment. 🙂


32 thoughts on “How to Copy and Paste A Wattpad Story

      • haha yeah. 😀 No, I won’t leave Wattpad because I know I’m going to come back. 😛 I’ll just take my ‘serious’ story down (this story doesn’t have much readers anyway) and continue to write the lighter story.

        Oh, and Remi? Which one of your stories you want me to read? I want to read something from you so I’ll have the clue what to ‘promote’ in the interview. hehe The other three Wattpadians I have interviewed are my friends and I read their works, so yeah… I know what to say about them. 😀

      • That’s exactly what I did! 😀 I took down my most serious story, because, well, nobody reads them. Also, it’d hurt me deeply if somebody used the copying/pasting method to claim copyright and everything. 😛
        Ooh, thank you so much for your offer, Zura! But I’m actually working on NOTHING at the moment. I’m deleting my old account soon, and I’ve got nothing for my new one (except a story I’m writing, but am too much of a perfectionist to post.)
        So perhaps just an interview on my new account? 😀

      • Wattpad is under maintenance again. *blows my fringe*

        I’ve saw your profile. Why do you want to delete it? You have like more than 1000 fans and some of your stories have hundred reads, right?

        I saw that you’ve put the remark ‘will be took down by the end of this year of January next year’. Oooh, I’m going to hurry and read one of them before I miss it! haha

        What’s your new account? Will you post your stories there?

      • Ugh, I hate that! 😛
        I want a fresh start, I guess. 🙂 As myself, ’cause anonymous identities just don’t float my boat.
        Hahahaha! Thank you so much! 😀 But after 1/1/2013, they will be available on Scribd as PDF files, so don’t rush yourself. 😉
        My new account:
        And I’m hoping to post my stories there! But new ones I’m actually proud of. xD
        Thank you so much for your comment! 😀 It’s so awesome to see a Muslim writer around! 😀

      • Your story is on the Watty Awards’s list! Awww, congrats, kiddo! *giggles* I’m going to start reading it from now and will make sure to vote for it in the Watty! 😉 I wish you all the best! ❤

  1. You put it on Scribd? Where? Can I have the link to your profile? 😀
    I have one, the username is z03r4 or something. haha Long time to login. 😛
    haha Ditto to that! 😀 It’s so awesome too to meet you here in virtual world, Remi! ❤

  2. On Figment or Scribd you can still copy and paste. Just View Source on the webpage.

    Ultimately there is no copy protection. DRM doesn’t work, as proven by countless failed mechanisms. Even Apple gave up on DRM in iTunes.

  3. Interesting read, and you are right of course. I have put a couple of stories on Wattpad. One has already been published, the other is from a little book I have on Lulu. Yes, they could both be plagiarized but I won’t let criminals dictate my life. If I did that,I’d never get out of bed in the morning and open my door! In fact I wouldn’t be able to sleep for fear of someone breaking in! Who can live like that?
    I’m going to put more stories there, but not ones I hope to get published, obviously. Even if they didn’t get stolen, I would not be able to offer first rights.

  4. Do you know how can i copy and paste texts from wattpad on my cell phone? I mean wattpad’s application … on android.

    I really love a story there … and someone deleted it, but it still showing on my phone, i really wanted to have the story. It’s important to me :{

    Hope you can help me, thanks anyway

  5. So.. I’m a writer on Wattpad. And I have been there for a year or two. I have four stories -none completed. And the latest story I posted is something I’d love to see published. Should I take it down? It is getting attention, I made Youtube videos for it and all.. I feel uncomfortable with the idea of it getting stolen but I also hate sitting back and writing the others when I know I want to write that one for Wattpad as well as for publishing.

    • Hello, Ceren! 🙂
      I’m assuming this is you?
      Sorry, just wanted to familiarise myself with your stories. 😀 (If they are yours, haha!)
      Although I cannot speak for yourself, here is my own personal decision if I were in your position:
      I would leave it up there. And here is why: any author rewrites their novel at least 3 times (at a bare minimum) before publishing. I am assuming that your novel is a first draft, as you mentioned you didn’t have any completed stories up there. The thing with first drafts are, they are a map; simply an indicator of where the story may go/what you want to achieve, etc. The real writing begins at rewrite. Then the next. And the next. What tends to happen is, your new rewrites are NOTHING like your original draft. But even with your original draft, sometimes there are plot-holes your readers have noticed, things you have realised about the novel itself, and helpful feedback WHICH LEADS to your next rewrites.
      I would keep the first draft up, but not the rewrites.
      If you are worried about your work getting stolen, I totally understand. I recommend, in that case, to set your work to private so that only your fans can see it. Yes, it may not remove the risk of getting it stolen, but it will definitely lessen it. That way, you can get the best of both worlds: a few dedicated readers/feedback for your next work. However, you may not get as much exposure.
      But seeing as you love writing this book, this is what I recommend for you (according to the extremely limited knowledge I have of you, haha! :P)
      * Keep your writing on public, as exposure is beneficial for feedback. Since you are planning to publish, you need all the feedback possible in order to make your manuscript the best you can.
      * Keep your first draft of the novel on Wattpad, and take it down ONLY when you are querying for an agent/searching for a publisher.
      * Since you like this manuscript, keep at it. For first-time novelists, this is my ultimate advice: don’t let the passion go away. You will find that, if you are writing with the sole intention of publishing without being read, it might diminish your spirits.
      * YouTube video trailers! Cool! 🙂 (It’s great you’re working hard for exposure!)
      * Rather, keep the others on hold.

      And final thing,

      It’s a LOT easier to start a novel than to finish it. Do whatever you can to finish it, and then see where the future leads. 🙂

      (NOTE: This is just my opinion/advice! Feel free to dismiss. 🙂 )

    • Hello there, Cassandra!
      I’m sure a lot of people are reading your works. Usually, Wattpad readers don’t like voting on commenting, so try and keep an eye out for those who add it to their library –that’s usually a better indication. 🙂

      • Thanks I’ll try they don’t get many reads so it’s hard to feel good about it. I don’t have much fun writing them that much. I guess I should enjoy it,right? So,I deleted my old ones and started more which I am way more comfortable with thanks for the advice!

      • You are not alone. It’s difficult writing on Wattpad when there is pressure on what you should write, yeah? I had a look at your new stories and they sound terrific –I’m sure you will find readers who will love reading them. But a word of advice: it took approximately 8 completed novels before I reached around 1,800 fans (on another account which I deleted afterwords, as, like you, I was not “comfortable” with the stories) –and even then, I was promoting like crazy. So, even though it’s hard work, if you keep writing and promoting, the readers WILL eventually arrive. 🙂

  6. Interesting! I had never heard of Wattpad and will check it out. That would be cool if they ever are able to make preventing copy n pasting permanently impossible. Great job in posting this, which may get them moving to work on it.

    • I really hope so, too. And Wattpad is a wonderful place to meet new writers and readers, although at times, it’s basically just a good place for teens to hang out. I have to warn you though, most of the site is simply fan-fiction. 😛

  7. They have fixed it, I send them an email warning them about this and told them how, a firefox javascrit disabling addon could easy bypass their lame copy paste ‘protection’ and they made it so that the words on the page dis pear the moment javascript is turned off. Much better. Same thing in IE when javascript is disabled in Internet options.

  8. Warning looks like the thieves have found a new way to steal wattpad stories:

    I was searching in google and found that site in a goodreads comment about wattpad.
    Beware its filled wirh virus and fake warning messages trying to trick people into downloading fake google anti virus programs. Don’t download anything if you visit it to search to see if your story is there. Just close the pop up page and then use the back button to run when the fake progrom shows up.

    Please report the website to wattpad. That way they can get it taken down. They have lawyers and such hea. I’ll keep serching in google and see what else I can find, hopefully nothing. Whatever you do is do not panic and take down your story. Wattpad’s date stamp on your story proves that it is yours.

  9. Hi, I’m Author_Bae on wattpad and I actually really needed to know how to copy and paste. I needed to copy and paste a series of books from another author because I have the book series in my library but the book is deleted because someone hacked her. I have agreed to do this and so far I had no trouble writing it by hand (luckily I managed to get one book done and two chapters of the next) but I’ve recently began school and I don’t know if I’ll be able to have enough time to re-write a whole book while having homework on my plate as well as the fact that I need t o play Pokemon Go.

    If you could send me how to copy and paste in a private message on wattpad or a reply on here, I’ll be very grateful.

    • Your purpose seems very ethical for copying & pasting Wattpad stories. Unfortunately, the aforementioned method no longer works –Wattpad has blocked it. For this reason, you will have to consider alternative ways. 🙂
      However, I think the best way to address this issue is for your friend to contact Wattpad directly and request a copy of her book back. I’m sure that Wattpad will find an amicable solution.

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