PaperRater – Automatically Edits Your Essays

I blogged recently about EditMinion, which is an excellent automatic editor for short-stories.

But what if we want an overview of our vocabulary, sentence structure data, and how we’re going with our overall paper? Although EditMinion is a wonderful tool for fiction writers and repeating words, it fails to do much else.

This is where PaperRater comes in.

If I’m not mistaken, I discovered this tool/website before EditMinion. Math is my thing: love the numbers. So if you do as well, this will be a dream come true.

Here is are some of the features:

  • Spelling (underlined in red)
  • Grammar (underlined in green)
  • Bad Phrase Score (the number of inappropriate words, phrases and cliches found in the paper)
  • Sentence length (average numbers of words, short/long sentences, questions, etc)

This is particularly useful for all kinds of literature. Although I haven’t used half of the following, I assume different characteristics will be pointed out for varying text-types.

  • Business Correspondence
  • Personal Narrative
  • Essay
  • Thesis/Dissertation
  • Research Paper
  • Letter/Email
  • Book Report
  • Speech/Presentation
  • Lab Report
  • Short Story
  • Biography
  • Movie Review
  • Other

And though it’s free today, it may not be tomorrow, so check it out!


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