5 Things I Look For in Friends

I’d like to point out that, even if somebody doesn’t possess these qualities, I won’t like them less.

It’s unwise to dismiss people because they don’t have qualities you want, because sometimes they have strengths you never thought you’d admire. This happens a lot for me. There’s always something special about everybody.

And there are exceptions. I’ve been friends with people who’re the complete opposite of the following qualities, but are still wonderful.

So, at the end of the day, it’s just a list. A list that I ignore most of them anyway.

1. Trustworthy

The ability to keep secrets is a big thing for me. I’m the kind of person who’s very closed-off and trust very few people. So no, I will probably never tell my friends anything in confidentiality. But I like knowing that, if I do, they’ll keep their word.

2. Friendly Competition

I like competition to an extent. Not the “I’m-going-to-bite-your-head-off” kind, but more the “If-I-win-you’re-buying-me-lemonade” variety. You know, friendly competition never hurts. If anything, it improves your performance and determination.

3. Optimism

This point I cannot stress enough: I like optimistic people. I’m drawn to happy people, because I’m fairly happy myself. There’s nothing worse than that complaining, whinging person in the background who finds negative things about everything. I don’t know when I started hating it so much, because I used to tolerate it very well.

4. Can Listen

I prefer to be the listener in any relationship. I don’t like talking about myself, my life or anything which may reflect upon my personality (hence my paranoid deleting of many questions involved in the original 30-Day Challenge).

But at the same time, if I have an opinion or something to say, I expect them to listen. Which shouldn’t be asking for too much, seeing as I listen the majority of the time.

5. Is Confident With Themselves

I don’t want to assure my friends about how pretty, smart or funny they are. They should know it themselves. It’s very rare I compliment somebody. And when I do, it’s because I assume nobody else has complimented them on that specific characteristic either.

Maybe I’ve been blessed with a high-esteem, I don’t know. But assuring people just isn’t my thing. They should have an idea of their qualities and also their weaknesses, and live the best of life after that analysis.


That concludes my first ever post in the 15-Day Challenge! Do you agree with me? Would you add extra qualities that matter more? Tell me in the comments’ section! 😀



15 thoughts on “5 Things I Look For in Friends

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