My Favourite Television Program

I’m actually a huge fan of television, but I don’t remember the last time I turned on the TV. Isn’t that weird?

I prefer watching shows online. That way, I also have access to television shows which aren’t on anymore and there’s no schedule needed. I like having control of when I watch shows, what time, how many I watch (I can’t leave a show at a cliff-hanger!) and I don’t have to keep a television schedule.

But my favourite one is a show you’ve probably never heard of.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – (1984-1985)

Almost everybody has heard of BBC’s Sherlock. I’ve watched some episodes, and I loved it at first. Then, like the obsessed fan I am, I went on the message boards on IMDB to see discussions relating to this.

That’s when I was linked to the older version: the one with Jeremy Brett. The picture quality is nowhere near as advanced, the ideas stay more true to Arthur Doyle Conan’s literal novels and, unlike BBC’s Sherlock, is more slow-paced. I can watch The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes while surfing the web and still not miss any significant details (something impossible with Sherlock).

But you know what? I loved it. I fell in love the minute I watched the first episode.

And it dawned on me that, with Sherlock Holmes, you really can’t do better than the original. It made me see flaws in BBC’s Sherlock, which I thought was impossible. Upon first viewing, it seemed perfect: the casting, acting, direction, plot, etc.

Yet, my entire perspective changed after watching Jeremy Brett’s adaption. He’s not special. He’s distanced, but not in an obvious way like Sherlock. He insults Watson a lot, but in such a casual way that, if you didn’t see Watson’s reaction, you wouldn’t take insult either.

Sherlock’s main character, though impersonating the same person, can’t pull it off. I love the plot-twists, the interactions between characters and the direction –I believe the plotline is planned out magnificently– but I can never imagine why John would want to be friends with him. Or why anybody would like him at all. He’s not human.

There’s hints of obsession, damage, flaws, addiction in the main character of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. And BBC’s Sherlock is still better than half the stuff on television (I’m thinking Glee and Scrubs right now, but no offence if you like them: I envy you, because you obviously see a wonderful light I cannot) but it will never, ever beat The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes from my perspective.

So if you haven’t already, I highly recommend to check it out. A little more slow-paced, older picture quality, main character in his forties (like the original) but I love it anyway.

On another note, my favourite television opening will have to be House. 


Maybe it’s just my fascination of the human body, but I think it’s beautiful. There are many characteristics why this appeals to me so much:

  • They don’t show the main character by himself; they put a team behind him.
  • Dr Gregory House is shown at the end of the opening rather than the beginning. His eyes are shown first, but that creates more of an eerie effect rather than “look at mememememememe.”
  • Each time there’s a jump in the music, the current graphic lightens up/has a different effect
  • Between each “hardcore” medical picture, there’s one of relaxation. I think that’s wonderfully balanced.

Yeah, I have an obsession with this opening.

I’ll just watch it again. 😉


15-Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Five things you look for in friends.
  2. Something you feel strongly about.
  3. Your favourite television program.

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