My Favourite Season and Why

Summer is, undoubtedly, my favourite season.

There are many reasons why this is so, but I’ll start with the most serious one: in summer, I don’t get colds. For some reason, I catch colds very easily (can’t be genetic, because my mum and dad don’t have this condition) but I love looking forward to just one month I know I won’t be under blankets, sniffling and feasting on warm soup.

The days of summer are longer. Whenever I look outside, the sun’s shining, so happily. In a strange way, it makes me happy too. And the days seem so long, as if they’d never end. Friends come over and, though I’m not allowed in the backyard after evening, it’s about six or seven until the sun rays finally disappear. I get more time.

Summer is an extremely warm season, here in Australia. It reaches 48-degrees-Celsius in some areas, and around where I live, it’s reached 35 degrees. But because I love ice-cream so much, the heat hardly bothers me (I’m not allowed to have ice-cream in winter…) I’ll just sit around somewhere and slurp paddle-pops all day.

Lastly, summer days are so carefree. For me, anyway. In Australia, our vacations start early in December and end early February. The best of the summer days are between those months. In that time, I can write stories, drink tea, eat ice cream and simply relax. 

What is your favourite season? 🙂


15-Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Five things you look for in friends.
  2. Something you feel strongly about.
  3. Your favourite television program.
  4. Your favourite season and why.

10 thoughts on “My Favourite Season and Why

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