My Favourite Painting

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I was Googling van Gogh’s “Starry Night” which is one of my favourite paintings (cliche, I know) and came across the beautiful masterpiece above.

The official name is “Starry Night” by Alex Ruiz, and it’s a digitally painted image of what Vincent van Gogh might’ve been staring up at. That figure at the bottom, yes, is an interpretation Vincent van Gogh.

Naturally, I fell in love with it. Anything to do with the night, the stars, the moon, I instantly adore. The mystical aura helps make it seem more magical, almost surreal and the dazed viewer in front of his easel, ready to paint every detail.

Flowers fill the field, and though some of them are closed, most of them aren’t. They create a soft texture to stand on, adding onto the existing magic. The grass is fairly long. Though I know from personal experience grass is sometimes dry and painful to walk on, it looks so lush and green in this painting.

I love the lit houses. The lights are on. People are talking, laughing, and sharing moments with their friends and family. It’s a beautiful feeling of closeness, of bonding and working around life.

All the trees are in bunches. Every tree stands in pairs or is extremely nearby to another. There’s no loneliness, there’s no isolation.

Lastly, the figure stands alone, but he is accompanied by his easel, candlelight and the sharp crescent moon beaming down at him. And we have to ask, is he really alone?

This is a beautiful painting. I might even go as far as to say it’s my favourite painting.

Before I leave this post, I’d like to share Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” if you’ve never seen it before.

Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh

Alas, the famous painting awaits. The brushstrokes are simply flawless. And it carries the same bright texture and bonding, for all the houses are lit up and the stars shine so bright.

His other variations of Starry Night are as follows.

Starry Night Over the Rhone – Vincent van Gogh

I love the reflections in the water. Also, this is one of his more personal paintings, because a couple is situated near the bottom. The stars continue shining ever-so-brightly. 🙂

Cafe Terrace at Night – Vincent Van Gogh

There’s no proof these are variations of “Starry Night,” but I believe they are. The sky is filled with stars, the happy, bonding colours remain in place. There’s still that personal feeling in each of his paintings, even though he’s not in there.

So my favourite painting is now Alex Ruiz’s “Starry Night,” but Vincent van Gogh will always be my favourite artist.

Do you have a favourite artist? Please don’t hesitate in commenting down below: I love discovering new artwork! 🙂


7 thoughts on “My Favourite Painting

  1. Favorite artist? That’s tough. I do love Van Gogh a lot though too. I reinterpreted one of his self portraits to reflect myself in an article on my blog. It’s called “Self-portrait with a Bandaged Ear: Reinterpreted and Personalized” if you want to check it out. Nice post, I love Ruiz’s depiction!

  2. I think the Alex Ruiz painting is more beautiful than Van Gogh’s. I like the painting “Slave Ship” by Robert Riggs for the drama, but I can’t really enjoy it because I’m reminded of the suffering those people endured. But I’m also thankful if paintings like that have helped inspire people to work to end the slave trade.

    • I agree in terms of beauty. 🙂 However, Alex Ruiz’s painting is digitally painted, so I can see how Van gogh’s works may fade in comparison, as these tools weren’t available to him. I looked up Slave Ship, and am awed. There are so many expressions, stances, personalities all on the same boat. It doesn’t need to say a word. 🙂

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