How Important I Think Education Is

Education is a very vast topic.

When somebody says “education,” I immediately think school. School, with all the social groups among peers, memorising terms for science and cramming before exams. Sometimes, I’m lucky, and we get revision sheets.

Other times, I look over my torn notes (not exactly the most organised person here…) and try to remember what I’ve been learning all term. Anybody else been on the same page?

But in this post, I’d like to point out the other sides of education are unacknowledged.

That’s just one part of education. Educated people possess that academic, “text-book” knowledge. And it’s important if you want a job, want to continue eating food and drinking water, and have a stable house to live in. But it’s hardly the whole story.

Education isn’t just school, jotting notes, trying to revise for the English exam you so haven’t studied for. Maybe it’s part of the picture, but there’s so much of the same photo to cover. It’s more than just what’s limited to textbooks.

The social skills. The street-smarts. Empathy. Reasoning. Logically thinking. Problem solving, knowing what not to say, keeping gossip to a bare minimum. Understanding when they insult somebody, knowing when they’re being self-centered (or even better, not being self-centered).

The list is genuinely endless.

If I had a dollar for every-time I met an remarkably “textbook” person without the “street-smarts,” I’d be rich. Very rich. I could buy myself a house, four bedrooms and a study in the corner. Maybe even some accessories for the walls, and the glass chandeliers which look so utterly fancy.

Joking. I would spend it all on my laptop. ♥

Back to the topic of hand, I think education is extremely important. School gets tedious every once in a while, you wonder why you’re still stuck here when you can go out there, study and make a difference. But it’s important. It will always be important in regards to myself.

The textbook smart is, though, very unimportant to me in a potential friend. It’s essential for jobs (for every job needs textbook skills of some sortbut will always pale in comparison to how important being human is. 

Me? I think textbook smartness and street-smartness go hand-in-hand. They’re equally important to make a difference, to set a standard. You will never be accomplished until you have a basic handle on both of them.

And believe me, I have a long way to go before I have a grip on either. 😛


15-Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Five things you look for in friends.
  2. Something you feel strongly about.
  3. Your favourite television program.
  4. Your favourite season and why.
  5. What you hope your future would be like.
  6. How important you think your education is.

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