The (Tragically) Short Life of Laptopy-Number One

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m the most uncreative person you’ll ever meet.

All my laptops have names (by “laptops,” I mean every single one I had –and ruinned) in the past. Unfortunately, it’s never the super-dooper original ones like, “King Mark the Three Millionth” or “Spock the Grumpy Alien.” Or normal names like “Frank” and “Eva.”

Nope, it’s always the same. Laptopy.

But today’s tale is tragic. A story so heartbreaking that, if you also have an unhealthy attachment to your computer, you should press that little cross at the top right-hand corner. This story isn’t for you.

It all started when a faint burning smell whiffed through the air. Although occupied with the most beautiful object in the world (Laptopy Number 1) I was a little suspicious. Where was it coming from? Nobody was in the kitchen, and nothing had been fried.

To my dreaded realisation, the burning smell came from my laptop. The charger had black, soot-like marks on it. When I panickingly took the charger out, the burning stench grew stronger. The hole where the charger fitted was burnt.

My life was over.

That last thirty minutes (of battery power) I backed up all my files on my USB. Wiping figurative tears from my eyes, I held the inanimate object close to my heart. Then, after those precious thirty minutes passed, it was gone. Just like that. Like all the memories, the downloaded files, the snippets of writing –like it was all a lie.

And whenever somebody mentions laptops, I instantly grow quiet. My father tried to find other alternatives for computers, but I couldn’t find anything that could remotely compare to Laptopy 1.

My soul and I couldn’t tolerate the loss. I thought we’d never come back from that one.

But one day, while at Joyce Mayne, I found it. After the tragic loss of my laptop, I finally learned to bare my heart to an inanimate object. Dad purchased it for me. It was mine.

And the cycle started again. I didn’t let myself get close to Laptopy Number 2. I suppose, in a way, I could never be the same.

Which is understandable. That loss, the loneliness, the unbearable scene of seeing Laptopy-1 just lying there, useless. It changes people. It changed me.

So there is my tragic story of love and loss. Some people may claim I’m antisocial. I don’t know what they’re talking about.

My heart goes out for all widows. For those who’re grieving after their loved-electronic, remember: there are plenty of laptops in the sea. You just need to find the one that won’t electrocute you. ♥

PS: The title is grammatically incorrect. “Tragic” shouldn’t be an adverb. But I love how “tragically” looks on the computer screen.


15 thoughts on “The (Tragically) Short Life of Laptopy-Number One

  1. *shivers and holds laptop close*

    I lost laptop #1 to a damaged motherboard. By some miracle though I backed up everything the very day before it died. Almost everything. I did lose one story, but I think I can still recover it if I find the right computer person for the job.

    Laptop #2, aka Tasha, just got old, and I gave it to my younger brother. Every time I see it in his room I’m all “WHY DO YOU HAVE MY – oh, wait, that’s not mine.”

    Laptop #3, Nightwing, and I are very much in love though, so I’m happy 😀

    • No! :O
      Same here with Laptop #1! (With my first computer, though, not laptop)
      Tasha. Pretty name. ♥ You’re strong. I could never give away a laptop, no matter how old it may be. xD
      Nightwing is such a cute name! ^_^ I immediately think “insomniacs.” May you have the perfect life together. :’)

      • Not gonna lie, a bunch of times I thought to myself, “I’ll just keep both laptops,” but then I didn’t want to look greedy. Haha.

        I named Nightwing after Batman’s prodigy, because I obsessively watch Young Justice and Nightwing is awesome 🙂

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  3. This is the first comment on this post in over two years, but I thought your laptop story was brilliant. I still remember my very first computer (a Hotwheels themed Windows 98 I got in 1999) that sadly has been recycled into something else by now, maybe another computer, maybe this very one I’m using.

    • Ahhh, it’s been so long since I’ve ever looked at this post! Thank you so much for your compliment 🙂
      Hotwheels themed Windows 98?! I actually feel so young right now; I was still bumbling around in 1999, still learning how to speak.
      Maybe every computer you purchase from now onwards will contain remnants of your old computer… *ominous music plays*

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