Undiscovered Artists: A Poet’s Walk

Although technically photography isn’t really “art” as much as, say, painting or sketching, it’s definitely a huge part of it.

I’ve never been much of a fan of photographs. My mother is one of those people who’re absolutely obsessed with photographs, and she’s taken so many of me (the awkward poses, the unnaturally fake smiles, etc.), I’ve lost almost all interest in this aspect of art.


I was visiting Harvey Norman recently, and came across this photograph. I didn’t suspect it was a photograph at first, just a skillful painting.

It immediately caught my eye, the guy with the umbrella, and I felt this odd feeling of remembrance. Which is unusual, because I’ve never been around in area like this. My eyes were fixed on this picture.

Obviously, it rained. The puddles on the ground, the man with the umbrella and there’s also visible humidity in the air. Yet, there weren’t any raindrops. This, I learned, was the beauty of this artwork –there wasn’t any evidence of raindrops, but it wasn’t needed.

The price-tag was pretty hefty ($360 AUD) but the title was written. Thus, I looked it up online and was startled by the fact it was a photograph, not a painting.

Regardless, I still consider it absolutely breathtaking. The title is extremely fitting too. A poet’s walk. A musician’s walk. A writer’s walk. The escape into a black-and-white world, only one road ahead. Take one step, the whole world’s behind you.

Not forgotten exactly, but is a matter of the past. You keep moving forward.


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