For the Love of Cookies and Cream

If you’re unaware of my obsession with cookies-and-cream ice-cream, I’ll assume you’re a new reader of mine. I talk, eat and dream of that certain flavour. Oh, how it warms my heart and soul.

It has two of my favourite things mixed together: vanilla ice cream and chocolate cookies. With the creamy, full texture of the cream and the soft doughy bits of cookies, it’s a must-have and must-eat.

Self-explanatory, but vanilla’s my favourite flavour. Always has been. Chocolate, I suppose I don’t mind, but I’ve had my share of awful chocolate ice-cream.

With vanilla, I’m always getting the same creamy taste. Even the cheap ones taste good (unlike chocolate, where only the premium ones, in my opinion, are worthwhile.)

Paddlepop’s Rainbow are vanilla-flavoured. I don’t think further explanation is needed towards why it dominates as the “best flavour” in my world.

As for strawberry, I don’t mind it either. It’d probably come third on my list. I’ve forgotten what it tastes like, so I’m not an accurate judge.

Too much cookies and cream ice-cream. Makes you forget every other flavour that ever existed.


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Cookies and Cream

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