Somewhere I’d Like to Visit

Whenever I go on the internet, there are always prettied-up pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Micky Mouse, etc.

And they all look so wonderful. Taken with million-dollar cameras (I exaggerate) or made wonderfully attractive with graphic designing, overlays and everything else. Then I sit and wonder why travelling attracts people so much.

It doesn’t attract me at all.

I have no intentions of travelling. I love Australia, I love the easy-living and the smell of the busy cities. How easily transport carries you, the benefits of forced education, the first-class people who still manage to muster up empathy and every other human quality to truly make a change.

That said, I wouldn’t care if I was in Canada, New Zealand, England or even my own home-country, Bangladesh. I don’t like travelling. I never liked the idea of it.

I suppose the cost of travelling alone is something I disapprove of. I’d much rather donate it to a better cause, or buy something productive with it. If I want to experience England, I’ll look it up online, find galleries of other people experiencing it and make it my own. You know?

To me, experience is overrated. And I know my opinion is clearly the unpopular one.

So where I’d like the visit? My backyard at night.

Or some sort of enclosed space at nighttime, because I’ve never liked the idea of going out in the evenings. But the beauty of night is too beautiful to resist: the cool winds in summer, twinkling stars and different shades of the moon.


  1. Five things you look for in friends.
  2. Something you feel strongly about.
  3. Your favourite television program.
  4. Your favourite season and why.
  5. What you hope your future would be like.
  6. How important you think your education is.
  7. Your five favourite songs of the moment.
  8. Five weird things about you.
  9. Somewhere you’d like to visit.

10 thoughts on “Somewhere I’d Like to Visit

    • I see the world as temporary. Fake, if you must.
      Emotions within people are what can change the world. Changing their thinking, feelings and lifestyles. So, in order to change the world, you need to change negative perspectives into positive ones.
      But you bring a valid point. 🙂
      I wouldn’t mind, though, visiting third-world countries and listening to their stories. It’s just I’ll have no interest in the places by themselves.

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  3. Aih, no. I don’t want to visit my backyard at night. It’s spooky. :S And I’m such a coward. hahaha But I think the idea is fun. I always want to know what it’s like to be laying on the grass at night, feeling the cold air enveloping my skin, watching as the dark clouds travel across covering and uncovering the moon. It must be really beautiful and calming. 😀

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