My Favourite Disney Princess and Why

You may have never heard of Tiana.

She is a character from the newer Disney movies, rather than the old classics. Princess and the Frog, to be precise. Unlike any other princess, she’s dark-skinned (which is unique among all the other princesses but isn’t the reason she’s my favourite.

While all the other Disney Princesses are damsels in distress, she works for success. Snow White waits for her prince, Aurora waits for her prince, Cinderella She knows that, in order to make dreams come true, you have to be hardworking.

Tiana has a good head on her shoulders.

The plot of Disney’s Princess and the Frog starts off with a open-minded, warm father whose biggest dream is to open a restaurant. Then, the storyline leads off with his daughter, Tiana, wanting to make his dreams come true.

And the rest is typical. Prince Charming (forgot his name) comes around, frogs, crocodiles and extremely rich best friends enter the scene. It’s probably the best “Disney Princess” movie I’ve watched, but then again, I don’t remember the last time I watched one (except for Tangled, which I disliked).

But, with or without the Prince’s help, Tiana would’ve managed to buy that space. She would’ve achieved her dream, her goals, her success with her own hard work. It’s the most brilliant message to send to anyone, not just children.

I like Tiana because of her attitude in life, her blessed heart (wanting to fulfill her father’s dreams) and that elegant determination most people only dream of having.


  1. Five things you look for in friends.
  2. Something you feel strongly about.
  3. Your favourite television program.
  4. Your favourite season and why.
  5. What you hope your future would be like.
  6. How important you think your education is.
  7. Your five favourite songs of the moment.
  8. Five weird things about you.
  9. Somewhere you’d like to visit.
  10. Your favourite Disney princess and why.

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Disney Princess and Why

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