Top Five Dream Jobs

We all have dream-jobs.

My actual dream-job would be a writer, in a world where you always get paid. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Writers, musicians, actors –they can be an epic success or an undiscovered gem. The instability is frightening.

So, my dream-jobs are practical. I will receive a fixed-income, and at the same time, I won’t achieve much recognition. I suppose that’s the thing with professions within “the arts”: you can sometimes reach the moon.

Without further ado, here is my list:

1. Psychiatrist 

A peek into my biography will tell you this is my Number 1 Dream Job. Helping people, hearing their stories, making a difference: it’s the perfect job. There’s always a demand for psychiatrists, so I won’t worry about being out of business.

It’s a wonderful combination with writing. You can get all sorts of experiences from hearing other people’s stories. And using that information, you can twist it into your own figment of imagination. It will be and sound real.

2. Doctor

In order to become a psychiatrist, you need to be a doctor first. And, undoubtedly, I can’t think of a better profession. When somebody’s collapsed on the floor, and everybody’s all, “Is anybody here a doctor?” and me yelling, “I am!” and rushing to the rescue.

Of course, I don’t want anybody to get hurt. Nope, that’s not my objection at all…

Both my parents are doctors. They complain about their mass of work, but at the end of the day, neither of them regret becoming one. I suppose it truly is the most fulfilling job, treating people at their weakest point and helping them stand up.

3. Engineer 

I’m thinking something along the lines of civil engineering. Maybe. All I know is that it uses math, so I’m game! (I’m actually not much of a science fan –math all the way!– but the professions that require math I’m not too crazy about).

But I’m a little worried, because I’m not much an outdoors person. It’s a good, respectable job in my country (it’s considered equal to medical) so I will always consider it an option.

4. Math Teacher

I see teaching as a “fallback” plan. Not that I don’t like the profession –I love the idea of it!– but because it’s such a high-demanding job. It’s like being back at school again: when they get days off, so do you. And sometimes, unlucky you gets stuck with all the paperwork.

Writing reports for individual students, assessing every single assignment and exam, trying to “fix” the troublemakers… teachers, well and truly, have one of the most difficult jobs. It’s very demanding.

5. Lawyer

My last option is to go into Law. I like the idea of “justice” and wrong and right, but I doubt lawyers have too much power. It’s mainly assessing facts –nowhere near as exciting as shown on television!

Also, it’s quite unstable (not as much as professions in the “arts” department) because not everybody can make a decent living. It’s a matter of luck and chance if somebody hires you or if you’re accepted into a well-respected agency.


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  11. Top five dream jobs.

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