The Art of Procrastination

What skill would I love to master?

If you asked me this question, I would reply immediately with “mind reading.” It’s so wonderful, it’s quick, it’s accurate. You have complete power about what you know/don’t know about the person.

However, recently I realised I really don’t care. Who cares what they think? Who cares what’s running through their mind? I haven’t been any political, challenging or pondered position where I needed to know their every thought. Which suits me just fine, because there are a lot of things I don’t want to know.

Also, in the end, their thought process matters very little. How they act, react, feel, carry themselves tell a lot more about a person than they’ll ever know.

So what skill, realistically, would I love to master?

To not procrastinate.

Actually, I’m more of an all-or-nothing person. I will finish assignments within three days they’re handed to me (school-wise) but if the time exceeds, I’ll just leave it until the last minute. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

It’s the same thing with reading. Lately, I haven’t been reading that much –well, not as much as I used to. And it’s mainly because the book I’m reading is excessively boring, but I have this mental quirk where I have to finish what I start. Apply that to writing, and that’s the reason I continue working on projects I absolutely loathe.

So I don’t want to be wired this way. I hate leaving everything to the last minute. And then I promise myself, tomorrow I’ll stop. And then I do it all over again. Why?

Oh, and I also leave exam revision to the last minute too. Very bad move.

However, I’m planning on changing this. This year, when I start school, I’ll revise the material the minute it’s handed out to me. And I’ll revise it over and over until it’s memorised. Hopefully. Maybe. I kind of say that before every year…

Also, a quick YouTube link that’s my favourite instrumental currently.


15 thoughts on “The Art of Procrastination

  1. I here you on the procrastination. I’m guilty of that too! I’m always curious as to what makes some people procrastinate while others would never dream of it. I think procrastination has a lot to do with perfectionism. I tend to wait on doing things until I can “do them perfectly.” That time usually never comes.

  2. I get what you mean when you say do it within three days or leave it last minute. I am in the same boat. I have to do the majority right away or potentially not hand in my assignment. Well that was back when I was still studying. The good old days that I hated. Lol

    • Good old days that you hated <– Oh, the irony. :')
      But I'm glad there are others in the same boat! And congratulations for finishing your studies –I hope the extreme amount of joy from leaving studies behind fuels your bright future. 😉

    • Good old days that you hated = paradox. 😉
      It’s actually an awful mindset, hahaha, because it means the “majority” that I end up doing are rushed, not properly developed, and merely completed for the sake of completion rather than quality.
      Ooh, what subject did you study? 🙂

      • I spent 5 years or so studying despair and boredom, although the world refers to it as pharmacy these days. I thought it was closest thing to alchemy. I was mistaken. My dreams of becoming an Alchemist were to remain a dream.

      • Oh, pharmacy. My mother wants me study it in the future.
        ME: no
        It sounds like a fantastic profession, though (although I’m sure you have other ideas 😉 ) but I’m definitely more suited to psychology –something my mother scrunches her nose at, hahaha.
        Sad to hear your dreams of becoming an alchemist remain unfulfilled. 😦 Surely there’s an uni course that can assist? Master of Sorcery? Bachelor of Gold and Silver? 😉

      • I think I’m done with studying for now… I’ll let the world teach me from here on out. I don’t need qualifications or further debt. Pharmacy is good for the money and it helps the people of the world so rewarding as well.

        I think psychology is far more interesting though but obviously parents only think about what leads to success in their children’s careers and pharmacy is a successful career.

        When I was younger, I had initially thought psychology had something to do with the studies of becoming a psychic. Imagine I had gone down that route and tried reading the minds of my patients. 😄

      • I love the idea of letting the world teach you. Let that take you far in a journey of knowledge. 🙂

        Yes, pharmacy is a very “stable” profession (oh, I’ve heard that word so many times growing up. Quite literally rammed in my head). Psychology, for me personally, is more interesting… but I’m uncertain as to whether one would consider it a “successful career,” due to the limited job positions here in Australia.

        Nevertheless, a clinical psychologist sounds like a fabulous job.

        Okay, your last comment made me laugh. Although technically, you are trying to find reasons behind your patient’s moods, feelings, emotions… so in an obscure way, you actually are reading their minds. 🙂

      • I guess I am. I do use techniques to try and understand what my patient is going through during consultations. It is quite interesting. You ask them probing questions until you get the truth out of them. Often I am not convinced they are telling the truth and I often catch them out. It can be fun. You could perhaps call me a pharmacist detective.

        Are these paracetamol for you? *raises eyebrows*

        Gets em every time. Lol

      • That actually sounds so fun. I suppose any healthcare profession involves half-truths and concealed information –something you’re trying to uncover. Never viewed this career path as one belonging to a partial detective, though. Pharmacist Detective Desperado. It has a ring to it, don’t you think?

        What types of things do your patients lie about? 🙂

      • Who the medication is for? Have they taken it before. What they’re taking it for? Anything that could restrict their purchase. And if they’re taking any other medication.

      • Oh wow, it’s been too long. *hangs head in shame* When life is busy and everything piles on, I generally just… run. 😉
        Wow, they’re such straightforward and normal questions, but I suppose that, given the wrong answer, they can have pretty heavy consequences.
        “What are they taking it for?”
        “Um… pain in my… my knees–”
        “Are you sure?”

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