Dear Future-Me

The future is a distant, wonderful place where all accomplishments happen and dreams come true.

It’s where you finish your top-notch science assignment so you can just, you know, relax. Grab a cup of tea, spend some sessions gaming. Don’t worry about anything until the last minute. After all, isn’t that what due dates are for? Providing you the perfect day to get started?

Yeah, I joke (horribly). School’s shaken me up a little. It’s different at my new school in the city because, unlike my old school, it’s quite fast-moving. The work’s not hard, but I have to study more regularly for exams.

This also means I have to study less (there’s one exam on each unit rather than a single exam outlining all) but more regularly -something I’m not that great at.

My letter, to anybody in the future, will be to myself. I can write to the next Einstein (ooh, make sure to credit me as the awesome sidekick) or some other ordinary-then-famous person who’ll be forever thankful for my unhelpful contribution of my ideas. They’re a mess, even in my head.

So I’ll try and, for the first time ever, organise them. My mind is mainly schoolwork-focused, seeing as it’s the majority of my life now. I’ll start from there.


Dear Future-Me,

Please don’t leave things to the last minute. You’ve got an “all-or-nothing” attitude towards school assessment, which is good when it’s an “all,” but awful when it’s a “nothing.”

Just because you don’t finish an assignment within three days of the assigned day (an “all” task) doesn’t mean you can move on to the nothing, which is leaving it ’til the last minute.

It doesn’t matter how much you think you’ve got the text, you really haven’t. Read it again. You aren’t going to ace an exam by cramming it all in the last minute, believe me. So take it slow. Memorise one thing at a time and you won’t be stressed.

Plus, you haven’t even finalised your English speech, let alone rehearse it. Your math exam is this Monday (like your English) and it’s Friday, 11 PM right now. What are you doing? What are you waiting for?

But you’re not going to do that, I know. You’ll wake up tomorrow, all motivated and sparkly-eyed, chanting, “I’m going to study!” at the top of your lungs. Then you’ll feel the urge to check your email. After all, how else are you supposed to know what’s important in life? You need this very quick check-up…

By the time you get off the computer, eyes half-closed and jaw loose, you would have:

  • Created another Blog and learnt more features of HTML
  • Watched videos on BrainPOP about science, the one exam you don’t have next week
  • Laughed along with some puns
  • Socialised with your friends from America, Britan and New Zealand
  • Found a new way to write text (with your nose!)
  • Written a new profile on Wattpad
  • Reblogged 100 000 posts on Tumblr
  • Written several chapters of The City Is Silent

It would be, approximately, 8 PM by now. You will, at this moment, think you should study a little for your exam. Just to stay on the same side. You do half an hour of studying, nod along with the material you completely are lost on, and resort to cramming before the exam because clearly you didn’t get enough time.

Life’s just not fair for you. How come everybody else gets so much extra time?

Seriously, you’re a lost cause.




It has taken me 18 minutes to write this. And by tomorrow, I should’ve added before, you’ll see several more posts as a form of procrastination. If I post too many times, I give you permission to spam my comment-boxes and ask the same question I do (repeatedly) throughout the course of the day:

Honestly, what are you doing? 



8 thoughts on “Dear Future-Me

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  2. Imagine how good your work would be if you didn’t put it off until the last minute? If you gave it your all, all the way through. That being said, there is no motivation like a deadline!

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