The Night-Sky, Rain Droplets and City Lights

Anybody who’s seen my Tumblr will recognise my obsession with rain and night-skies. They are absolutely beautiful, simple things in life worth cherishing and remembering. It’s currently raining now. I love rain so much.

Today is my first ever “gallery” post, and I hope you’ll like it! It’s am mixture of everywhere I want to be, see and experience even though it’s not really around the world. Like I said, I express myself mostly on Tumblr. Do you have a Tumblr? Comment below with your link, and I’ll be sure to follow you!

Things incorporated in these pictures are places I want to be.

  • Rain
  • Cities
  • Night skies
  • Stars
  • Droplets

20 thoughts on “The Night-Sky, Rain Droplets and City Lights

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  11. So very beautiful! Why don’t I see these on my dash? Grr….I will go on your tumblr and reblog because these are absolutely beautiful! 😀 Also, guess what?! I wrote something! It’s for a contest but I honestly don’t think it was any good. *sigh* But your advice so helped me! I need to write everyday so I can get into the swing of things again 🙂

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