Undiscovered Musicians: Lindsey Stirling

Lately, I haven’t been blogging. And I confess, I wasn’t planning to either. Schoolwork, writing, commuting: it’s not exactly a time-consuming lifestyle, but my mind has little space for anything else but resting.

But upon hearing a song on Pandora, and watching a series of videos, I fell in love with this artist. She is elegant, relatable and self-taught (she learned how to dance using YouTube videos!) Her name is Lindsey Stirling, and there is information about how she became a finalist on America’s Got Talent, but I don’t know much about that aspect.

The reason I am posting this is because she’s the first musician I’ve ever felt a personal connection to. That was the motivator for me to blog today, even when I’ve got a Health assignment, chapters to write, books to read, etc. She stands out from the crowd.

However, her music is extraordinary. That is the reason I’m continuing to write this blog-post, because it’d be pointless otherwise. I was first struck by her beautiful song titles (Song of the Caged Bird) and just loved her violin-playing. It is amazing!

Okay, this is more of a love-letter than a proper blog-post.

I’ll let this video do all the talking:

Isn’t it unique? The music video is absolutely beautiful as well. So utterly creative, with the light-bulbs illuminating with music. Because, you know, music is light.

The music came under “Jazz” on my Pandora station, but it feels like so much more. Like all different genres mashed together. It works! Perhaps that’s what is craziest of all: it sounds amazing.

Anyway, listening to this 24/7 on my iPod. Beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful everything!


She has done a cover of The River Flows in You, Lord of the Rings Medley and sung with Pentatonix, a cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.


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