It’s the 21st Century: There Is No Excuse for A Bad Cover


Today’s Daily Challenge is an extremely interesting one: would I have picked up any of my favourite books, based on the cover alone?

The twenty-first century introduces graphic designing, digital painting, more opportunities to easily fetch a royalty-free cover from the internet. There is honestly no legimate excuse for not having a good cover.

We all judge a book by its cover. Sometimes. Actually, I tend not to –I take the title into more consideration, though the cover always plays that slight part in being presentable. Because I look up books before actually browsing the shelves, the covers are of little importance.

I digress. Here is a list of my favourite books and comments regarding my decision:

A Swift Pure Cry

First impression: I do like the darkness portrayed, but I would’ve never suspected it to be a general fiction/contemporary novel. As somebody who avoids the fantasy and paranormal genre, it’s definitely not an appealing cover for my tastes.

Would I pick it up? No.


First impression: beautiful cover. I can see how this might be a coming-of-age story, seeing as the main character’s looking down a road (or “studying her journary). However, she is also portrayed more on the fashionista side, judging by the top that exposes a lot of skin on her back. And the open hair. It might be a super-model VS super-model book, and those scare me.

Would I pick it up? Maybe, but most likely not.


What Does Blue Feel Like? - Jessica Davidson

First impression: dark, kind of a science fiction vibe, and I don’t like how simplistic the cover is. It kind of pales in comparison to all the other books. Of course, I take it back after reading it (amazing book) but this isn’t a cover I’d admire from afar (suggests extreme amounts of angst).

Would I pick it up? No.


There we have it. I always thought covers played a part in my liking for a book, but apparently not. “What Does Blue Feel Like?” would be one of my absolute no-no decisions if I were to read a book based on the cover alone –I really don’t like the cover, because it’s too common.

Then again, that’s just my opinion: I’m sure a lot of you love it. Which is why covers, like art, are different sorts of beauty to different people. You might have this amazing cover I completely love with you, or maybe I don’t. It’s difficult for cover-makers to appeal to target everyone, just like with art. 🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s the 21st Century: There Is No Excuse for A Bad Cover

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  6. Interesting … I’m curious thought about the angel in the bathtub … the cover, while I don;t especially like it, it does make me wonder what its about – my first thought is suicide?? Anyway, stopping in to see what others wrote for the Prompt – hope you have time to visit soon and read my take on it – Cheers!

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