Interview with Ivey: A Wattpad Sensation

Her name is Ivey.

At fourteen years old, she completed her first novel, Why She Fell and reached a whooping 9 million reads. From there onwards, she has completed “Dear ____,” a creative story told through text-messages between a boy and girl, and Behind These Walls, a darker story about a girl with a mysterious boy and a happy-go-lucky boy who may not be as happy as he seems.

Her current project include How to Be A Girl and Cursed by Cupid, both teen fiction written in wonderful, true-to-life prose.

From that introduction alone, her speciality is definitely romantic fiction mixed with believable characters, regular cussing and wonderful character development. Her stories weave through dark and light themes effortlessly.

Today, I announce to you a different sort of writer: a Wattpad writer. A writer who writes, gets support and improves on an internet site. Watch out for her name –you might see her on the next New York’s Bestselling list!

INTERVIEW WITH IVEY (a_colorful_dreamer):

1.    Who is your favourite published author? What influence do they have on you and your writing? Can you list any specific examples where you went back and thought, “I know exactly where I got that idea from!”?

Uh, well, I have quite a few haha. I’ll choose two–Michael Grant and Jodi Picoult. Michael Grant ’cause I love his “Gone Series.” (the last book came out yesterday & I read it! ahhh!). I usually don’t do science fiction but for Gone I had to. Jodi Picoult because her books. They’re just amazing. I can’t explain it. ichael Grant influences me because heakes me wanna try something science fiction and stuff. It’s outta my comfort zone, but it seems so dope to write about. Jodi Picoult’s stories…oh geez. Well, they give me a goal: to be as good as she is.

I can for Cursed by Cupid, How to Be a Girl, and Behind These Walls! CbC was inspired by the movie Shallow Hal (which I’ve never even watched haha I only read a synopsis). HTBaG was inspired by personal experiences, and BTW was inspired by my friend’s life.

2.     The world is under attack from a zombie apocalypse. The zombie-king threatens you with a knife. Because your parents used to be close friends (until, you know, they consumed their brains and everything), he lets you write one last novel before you die. Title your new novel and tell us a brief outline of what it’d be about.

Ahhhh I don’t know!! D:

I guess I’d write about my fantabulous life of course. It’d be titled, “THE AMAZING AND LIFE OF THE FEARLESS QUEEN OF THE WORLD”

3.     Do you have any upcoming projects? Even if you don’t have them all planned out, do you have an idea of what genres you plan to experiment with in the coming/distant future?

Yup! I have a few. I’m leaning towards teen fiction, but not romance/chick-lit type. I want to try something more serious than that, you know? And also, I want to attempt to write fantasy or non-fiction. Of course, though, I DO have a romance-y book in process hahaha

4.     What is the meaning of life? You are Atticus Finch, a moral man (total To Kill A Mockingbird reference) and you are writing a short story about his life-lessons throughout his life. The meaning of life, through your eyes?

For me? The meaning and point of life is just not being forgotten. I think everyone strives to make some sort of imprint on the world.

5.     If you could change one thing about writing (the process of writing, editing manuscripts, the publishing industry, classical literature, Wattpad, anything) what would it be?

Oh God. Everything. But first and formost, I’d speed up the process of writing. It’s so sloooooow.

6.     You are forced to write a fan-fiction. Who and what would this fan-fiction be about?


7.     Show us an excerpt of the chapter you’re currently writing for whichever story of your choice.

“Can you simmer? I feel like you’re about two seconds away from punching me.”

“Aren’t I always, though?” I snap. “And I seriously regret teaching you about American slang. Too much, man. Too much. You’ve said that phrase about thirty times in the last twenty minutes. And dude, it’s ‘sim,’ not ‘simmer.’”

Gabriel looks up from where he’s flipping through my English paper. “That’s bloody stupid. ‘Sim’ is basically abbreviating ‘simmer,’ isn’t it? It’s effectively the same thing.”

“Whatever. Where are my clean jeans? Gabe, did you touch my jeans?” The mockingly innocent smile that Gabriel gives me confirms my suspicion. “You asshole. Where did you put my dark jeans? They’re the only pair I have that is clean!”

“Sim,” Gabriel says yet again, only this time, says it while laughing, knowing full well that it’s annoying the fuck out of me. “They should be there, somewhere. I’m pretty sure I put them back where I found them.”

“Could you not take my clothes? I don’t care if you’re an Angel. I swear to God, the next time I see you even lay one damn finger on any of my clothes, I’m going to take whatever it is and shove it up your—”

“Here they are!” Gabriel waves a pair of pants high in the air, and sure enough, they’re my jeans.

And there’s a giant stain on one leg.

“You son of a bitch,” I hiss, approaching slowly.

“Sim,” Gabriel says.

“Shut the fuck up!”

“Cool down, then. Here, I’ll clean it.” Gabriel takes his shirt and wipes at the stain, and just like that, the stain simply disappears. I figure it’s better if I don’t ask about how he can do that, unless I want some long lecture or something. “Ta-da! All better. You don’t have to kill me anymore.”

– – – – –

short, but getting there haha

8.     What is your most favourite story you’ve ever written?

Definitely Cursed by Cupid or How to Be a Girl, which are both in progress. They’re light-hearted and kind of ridiculous, which is why it’s so much fun (you know, when you’re not stuck in a massive writer’s block like I am right now).

9.      Do you have a lot in common with your main characters? Are they extremely different to you? Elaborate on how many or how little of your stories you desire.

Um, a little. I’m definitely the most like Jordan, which makes sense because she was inspired by personal experiences. She’s got more balls than I do, though. And Levi, well, if I were a dude, I think I’d be like him, but less like a man-whore. Calista–I’m not as mean as her, but I can have my days haha. Charlotte is nothing like (from Change of Plans) at all. We’re like polar opposites. And Erin…I don’t remember her hahahaha.

10. Finish this sentence: When I’m not writing, I am…

When I’m not writing, I am eating with my friends.


That, right there, was the wonderful Ivey. If you’d like to check out her other works, or find out more about her, just click the sock-monkey below. You can also check out her blogging at:


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