Springpad: Like Evernote, But More Simplistic

I’m sure everybody living in the modern era have heard of Evernote. But not everybody has heard of Springpad –which I consider the better alternative.

If you haven’t, it’s a note-taking app for absolutely everything. Whether you’re a cook storing recipes, mother storing family videos and photos online and notes on your children, writer putting in inspiration and music to assist them in getting their next novel done.

It’s a very generic software, can be used as a bookmark manager accessible anywhere, and is handy (on your iPod/iPhones, Android, tablets, etc.) And inserting a simple link from the website (say, a movie from Rotten Tomatoes) will automatically add the ratings into your Springpad folder.

Springpad is wonderful because:

  • Visually beautiful notebooks
  • Completely free (no premium memberships either)
  • Task reminders/Event reminders. Perfect as a to-do list or calendar.
  • You can add any event and be assured it won’t be forgotten (reminders)
  • Sync to Google calendar
  • Collaborate with other people
  • A lot of ways to log in (Google, Facebook, Gmail, etc)
  • Intelligent clipping tool
  • Multiple platforms (internet based; works on Windows, Androids, iOS, etc.)
  • Unique email address so you can “Send to Springpad”
  • More of a personal assistant (add a book and get reviews, star ratings, to-buy link from Amazon and more)
  • Basically everything you need in one.

Some of these things, Evernote already has. Some of them, Evernote doesn’t. Maybe Springpad doesn’t meet your qualitfications, which is totally understandable seeing as Evernote is more worldly known. Different apps suit different people. 🙂

But I recommend for anybody in search of a notetaking app, or looking for another alternative, to see if Springpad’s the one for you.

I am a Springpad addict.

Check Springpad out here:



2 thoughts on “Springpad: Like Evernote, But More Simplistic

  1. Hello, springpad is gorgeous ! Very beautiful.

    But can you tell me if in springpad:
    * is there offline support to work on my note in the train on other places without a good WIFI?
    * is is possible to upload any kind of files?
    * is it possible to review PDF?
    * are all images trully saved and not just embeded from webclips?
    * is there image character recognition (OCR)
    * can I use IFTTT with it?
    * can I be sure that the service will be there in 5-10 years?

    For now, I prefer my premium evernote because it have all those functionality.

    • Hello there, Caramel! 😀

      * Offline support = Check. Although in Evernote (which I tried out first) it didn’t work for me. O_O
      * Yup, all kinds of files. And unlimited, too –no monthly GB or anything like that.
      * Reviewing PDF, I don’t think so. Seeing as Springpad’s more of an organiser than a practical worker, I would assume not. Although you may want to look into this.
      * The images, I believe, are truly saved. Although I may be wrong.
      * Unfortunately, there isn’t an image character recognition (OCR) at this moment.
      * I have very little knowledge about what IFTTT is, but maybe this might help? https://ifttt.com/recipes/search?q=Springpad
      * Springpad is always developing. Recently, a website I used to go on a lot (inkpop.com) shut down with three days’ notice. Nobody suspected it. So although I believe it’s unlikely, I can’t claim this impossible.

      If you have premium Evernote, then Springpad’s just a bore (as I’m comparing the free Evernote to Springpad). xD But if you’re ever planning for a visually nice notebook, even for blogging, music and ideas, Springpad’s a nice organiser. 🙂

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