The Logical Writer: Interview with SwimmingUpstream on Wattpad

Pre-note: This is part of a series of interviews held, regarding the opinions of teenage writers and their thoughts. With all the interviews of published and bestselling writers, what about those who’re still young and aspiring? Somebody needed to capture their thoughts. And that’s what these interviews are for.

Today, I have Hollie (SwimmingUpstream from Wattpad) who has been kind enough to let me interview her. I thought of her as another perfect candidate, as she differs from the normal: her favourite subjects are science and math (which, by the way, she excels in with flying colours), which is quite unusual in writers of the modern era.

I digress.

Let’s hear it for Hollie!


1. What are the star-signs of your main characters? And if you don’t have set dates as their birthdays, which star sign would each of them be?

Letha, from the Devil’s Daughter, would have to be a fire sign, probably Aries, because of how passionate and argumentative she is. In contrast, Mickey would be a water sign because (according to the website) water signs have a lot more trouble keeping personal boundaries.

2. What are your thoughts about writing? Do you prefer reading certain types of literature and writing certain types?

I love anything fantastical, where I get to experience creatures or a world that I haven’t before! I think writing has to be intelligent and deep, with an extensive vocabulary and lots and lots and lots of PASSION!

3. Does your favourite subject in school influence on your writing? 

My favourite subjects are maths and science, and I think that adds a certain amount of …. rigidness? Structure? Probability? What I mean is that I think that ‘methodical’ approach brings something to the way I write. I don’t like ‘flowery writing’ and I only described things that I need to mention in my stories, but I love speech because it gets you places. And because speech has sarcasm. I hate sarcasm.

4. Through your novel, what messages do you aspire to get across to your readers?

I desperately want people to know that things are not always what they appear. NOTHING IS EVER WHAT IT SEEMS!

5. Name one topic you’re extremely passionate about (can be controversial). Have you incorporated, or are you going to incorporate this topic in your present/future works?

I am majorly for GAY MARRIAGE, and majorly against LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I probably won’t incorporate homosexuals because I don’t write well about things I don’t know. And love at first sight? I think it is stupid, unrealistic and irritating.

“He looked across the room, saw the light reflecting off her glasses, and his heart thumped. She was beautiful; his Juliet!” Unlikely! more like, “He looked across the room, saw the light reflecting off her ample bosom, and his jaw dropped. Hubba hubba!”

6. In your opinion, what makes a great writer? Who is your favourite writer? Does he/she follow this principal?

I think a great writer is someone who takes great joy from writing, but also loves other people reading their work. I think you have to have passion, in your pen/keyboard, in your characters and in your heart. I love Cassandra Clare because I can envision the world she puts on paper.

7. Complete this sentence: One day, I hope my writing will…

…Inspire someone to do break out of their shell and become an amazing person who changes the world.

8. Would you ever consider swapping places with your main characters? Do they have an easy or a hard life? Would you handle things differently and make different decisions?

I would, but I wouldn’t. Letha has a difficult life, but the people who surround her are pretty amazing. I also envy her world, where dark and light are so obvious, yet so uneasily defined, where angels and demons and vampires and witches are all on equal footing. I hope I’d be as tough as Letha in her situation.

9. Do you believe in the concept of “cliche”? What cliches can’t you stand? What cliches do you secretly love?

My dad always says that everything has been done before, but it’s how you rearrange it that determines whether or not it reads as cliche. I hate obvious cliches (particularly ‘and it was all a dream’). Things like ‘good girl fall for the bad boy’ and ‘LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT’ really annoy me.

But I am a bit of a hopeless romantic, so I love the good cliche’s where someone wins someone over, or slowly changes to make the world better. ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ – best cliche ever. (Yes, i am a hopeless romantic who hates LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT).

10. In the upcoming future, do you plan to have any sequels to your existing/ongoing projects?

I’m considering a second The Devil’s Daughter, called Disowned By the Devil which will carry on with whoever survives the end of this book. I’m thinking about some particularly odd characters to introduce.


That concludes Hollie’s wonderful interview! To check out her books (“Try to Change Me” is definitely on my to-read list) click on the cute scientist banner below.


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