Accomplishments, Tears of Happiness, Poetry (and A $5 Barnes & Noble Giftcard Giveaway)

I haven’t been posting in an exceptionally long time.

I’d love to say that, during this time I’ve spent not blogging, I’ve done some pretty life-changing stuff (changed somebody’s life, climbed Mt Everest, you know, the usual). But unfortunately, I don’t have the courage –or the fitness level– to do these miraculous things.

But what have I been doing in these countless-hours-not-blogging?

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Writing Poetry

Once upon a time, I joined a challenge stating I’ write a poem everyday for 365 days. Have I done this? Well, no. But I did write one poem, one which is my absolute favourite, and will use to define myself (it’s currently on my Wattpad profile!)

– – –

Beauty is
Flowers, rain, the night skies, city lights,
benevolence and compassion.

For I see humans everywhere,
but no humanity.

– – –

I know, I know. If that’s my best poem ever, you’re cringing at the thought of my previous ones. Don’t worry, I am too. Another thing to include in this update: I no longer consider myself a writer.

Short stories, poems, haikus, screenplays… how do you talented people write these things? Nope, I’m a novelist. Just a novelist. If you saw any examples of those types of writings by me, well, you’d be crying yourself to sleep. I’ll just save you the depression.

Although I have to admit, I can’t take full credit for this “spectacular” poem (which I hold dear because it’s personal, but extremely amuteur-ish).

It’s inspired by this picture:

And as for my perception of beauty, you can find expressions of these one my Tumblr (which inspired the first half of this poem). I am more than happy to follow anybody back. Just leave your link in the comments section below! 🙂

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Discovering the World of Apps on my iPod Touch

This is actually I discovered such wonderful apps –I went to the productivity section in the app-store, and found Springpad and Wunderlist (both wonderful apps, and internet-based, so you can use them on your PC/MAC without an iPod).

As for this new flashy iPod of mine, I didn’t purchase it for myself. My uncle (not blood-related, but might as well be) gave it to me as a gift. You should’ve seen my face. At first, I thought, “Oh, how lovely; it’s an iPod case” and was really excited, but then realised I didn’t have an iPod.

Then I realised it was an actual Apple iPod and almost fainted –right then and there.

It’s way too glamorous for me, especially since I’m not a huge fan of music. Literature is more my thing. Also, I’m making-do with my cheap $10 2GB MP3 player.

Still, this new device opened new doors for me.

My favourite apps?

  • Springpad 
  • Wunderlist

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Finding Beautiful New Instrumental Music

I’m rambling way too much. Let me cut to chase in this one: searching “Instrumental music” on Tumblr must’ve been one the best decisions I’ve ever made. These are some of the beautiful songs I found:

Oh, aren’t they oh-so-beautful? ♥

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Finished Camp NaNoWriMo at 50,000 Words (The City Is Silent is over 50,000 words now!)

See that “Accomplishments” and “Tears of Happiness” part n the title? Both of those statements reference directly to the completion of my Camp NaNoWriMo, using my novel The City Is Silent.

Yeah, yeah. I cheated. I started off with approximately 30,000 words and gradually built up to my 50,000 words, but I’m proud of it anyway. Also, Camp NaNoWriMo is more about personal accomplishments, and finally finding the willingness to write (even with everything else happening simultaneously) so if personal achievements is the goal, then I won fair in square. 😉

Anyway, you can always read The City Is Silent by clicking here.

Created A Website (basic) for The City Is Silent

While we’re still on the subject of The City Is Silent, I’d also like to quickly point you to the direction of my Weebly website –dedicated entirely to The City Is Silent.

I personally love Weebly, which although isn’t the best option to appear professional, is simplistic and better at publicising than Blogger.

My website isn’t completed yet. I’ve still got some more quotes to add into “Insight” and the “Characters” tab to add more to. There’s still a fair bit of work left, but in its most basic form, this is it.

Do you like it? 😀

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A New Cover for My New Project, “Violet Ink”

The cover was probably the most difficult part of Violet Ink, a story which I felt an immediate connection to upon writing the very first chapter.

At first, this is what it looked like:


It wasn’t entirely bad. I mean, the theme was conveyed quite well, but the blood looked artificial and cheap. Not to mention, the sudden violet in black  for the title (two colors which don’t contrast, therefore isn’t a nice visualisation) looks unprofessional. The entire cover looked bad.

The next time around, I found the cover I wanted:

A lot more professional than my first one. And would you believe the girl in the centre is the same model? Same picture, same everything! But completely different covers.

You can read the first chapter of Violet Ink here.

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Organising A (very small) Giveaway for My Followers!

I honestly do mean “very small.” It’s not any effort to humble myself. But if you’re buying ebooks with this, you can buy five 99 cent ebooks, so it’s not completely useless. I just wanted to hold a giveaway because, well, I never held one before.

Plus, giving away a book giftcard is a good representation of everything I believe in. 😉

Click here to go to the giveaway!

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