It Shouldn’t Be Strange, But Somehow Is

This morning, a glorious fun-filled Saturday beginning with a hint of oversleeping and a dash of pure bliss, I woke up. And because my mouth was feeling dry (had the heater all throughout the night) the first thing I did was wash my mouth out.

After a couple of gurgles, I saw my reflection and was shocked.

My eyes were full sized.

I actually forgot the size of my eyes. You see, days of attending school as an insomniac has completely driven out my sleep. This is okay, because I can concentrate just as well in school (I suppose being a consistent night-owl meant you had to adjust with your daily life… or else). And to be honest, I don’t require much sleep.

That doesn’t stop sleepiness from affecting my physical appearance, though. My eyes have less of black circles than they used to, as a result of regular “not-sleeping,” but the sensation isn’t completely gone. My posture, which was once close-to-perfect, is kind of falling. And don’t get me started on my loose jaw.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise when, on this fateful Saturday morning, my eyes were at their normal size after many days drooping, being half-closed, having circles under them, tilting wildly and just shutting too often.

But it was. I actually have big eyes. Yet, I’ve never noticed because they show up so infrequently. My lack of sleep truly does play a huge part on my appearance. Even my mother was looking at me strangely, as if something was a little different.

There are a couple of things I’ve learned today:

  • In future job interviews, I am going to bed at 7:30 PM and will hope boredom will drive me to sleep (but it probably won’t)
  • My eyes are actually bigger.
  • Those black circles underneath them are not birthmarks.

That concludes my post. Seeing as it is 10:46, and I’ve decided that I prefer my eyes at their normal size, I’ll probably head over to bed.


7 thoughts on “It Shouldn’t Be Strange, But Somehow Is

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