Interview with Jacquelyn Eubanks: The Self-Published Author

In this day and time, self-publishing is a tremendous option globally. And also during this current time, a very talented 15-year-old author by the name of Jacquelyn Eubanks has decided to utilize this option.

After getting a small publishing house to distribute her books, she has officially published her first novel, The Last Summer which revolves around a protagonist named Charley and her sporting life. Mixed with drama, romance and self-discovery, the novel is an astounding addition to world of published literature.

I am lucky enough to have Jacquelyn answer some questions for her. And we go!


1.) Did you ever doubt yourself as a writer? What did you do change these doubts?

I did, and still do, doubt myself as a writer all the time. I’m constantly at war with myself, worrying about whether or not my writing is good enough. I worry that people won’t like my book or that the writing isn’t very good. I also worried that I’d never be able to finish my book and get it published because of the amount of editing I had to do. It seemed like an insurmountable amount of work. In order to change the doubts, I had to push myself. It took a lot of discipline, but I got through the endless editing. I listened to those who told me that my book was definitely worth getting published. I forced myself to have confidence and belief in my abilities, and to let go of the doubts and fears holding me back.

2.) Have you received any criticism for your The Last Summer book? How did you feel? If you haven’t yet, how do you hope to respond?

I have had a few book reviewers review my novel. It was a real confidence boost hearing from professionals that my book really moved them – it even made one of the reviewers cry! It was such an honor to hear how much they enjoyed my novel. What else could I possibly hope for?

3. Did you go to your publisher or did they come to you? Tell us the process of your publication.

I went to a publisher, a small publishing house called VG Publishing. They worked to print the books and help me design the cover and interior format, but we also worked with Createspace so that my book could be sold in Kindle format.

4. Is “The Last Summer” your first completed novel?

Yes, “The Last Summer” is my first published novel. It is the first book in a 4-book series. The sequel, “The Last Time”, will be coming out at the end of May 2013.

5. What was the most difficult part of writing your first novel? 

The most difficult part of writing my novel was getting through all of the editing. Not only did I write the very first draft of The Last Summer in a notebook (when I was in 7th grade), but then in 8th grade I spent an entire year typing it on the computer. And then I sent it to the editor, who thought I needed to make some pretty major changes. I was very discouraged and thought he just didn’t like my book;  but the truth is, one must rewrite a book over and over until it is ready for publication. I must have rewritten, rearranged, and added or taken out parts of the book about six times before I thought it was ready to be published. It took so long, I never thought I’d finish.

6. Do you have an agent? What is your personal opinion on agents?

I don’t have an agent, but I have heard from other professional authors that they are very helpful. If you have the money and resources, I would recommend hiring one. I may need to hire one within the next several months or so. 

7. Did you have to pay money upfront to get published? 

Yes, I did have to pay money upfront for the company to publish my book. But, luckily, I get almost all of the profit from book sales. It was very expensive to pay up front, unfortunately. 

8. How can you relate to your main character and your story? Is it inspired by true events?

The main character in my story is very much based on me. We look alike, have the same interests, and have extremely similar personalities. Most of the story is based on my own wild fantasies of living an alternate life. The setting and other characters and events are things I wish I could experience. The only part of the story that is even remotely based on true events is the fact that the main character, a girl named Charley, plays on an all-boys baseball team during the summer. I used to go to a baseball camp for a week in the summer when I was little, and I was always the only girl there.

9. Have people around you created a positive influence? Who were these positive influences?

My family and old friends of mine have had the most positive influence on me. I find the kids I go to school with now couldn’t care less that I’ve had a book published; but I’ve found that many of my old friends from elementary and middle school are very enthusiastic and encouraging about it. 

10. In 50 words or less, tell us why we should read The Last Summer. Convince us! 🙂

If you want to be swept away into an old-fashioned world where life was simpler and adventures and magic were around every corner, then read “The Last Summer”. It is filled with unforgettable characters, adorable romantic moments, drama, self-discovery, everlasting friendship, and a bittersweet ending.

– – –

Click on the cover below to be directed to her amazing novel!


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