A Bucketful of Delightful Blogging Memories

When I first started blogging, I didn’t expect anything at all. It was the day before my birthday, I was a little giddy, started up a blog to accompany my writing and continued uploading random posts.

Then I got my first “like”. Looking back, that unsuspecting person had no idea how they made my entire life. At that time, I was an aspiring novelist with absolutely no direction. I had a novel on a website full of teenage girls –the majority who would rather not read (a coming of age story, opposed to light, romance stories).

That one “like” gave me courage to continue blogging. Perhaps somebody was reading my words, somewhere, somehow. So I continued. And it seemed fun. Adding little bits of advice here, some suggestions there, progress on my novels and new challenges for aspiring writers. In fact, blogging was the highlight of my day.

And now I sit here, at 83 followers and the most wonderful, insightful readers who stop by. That’s 83 more followers than I’d ever expected: it was, genuinely, an “oh, I know; I’ll start a blog!” and begin writing. No thought of followers, messages, comments, anything. (And, knowing my incapability of updating blogs 4 days after creation, I didn’t think much about it).

It may possibly be the most wonderful surprise in the world. An extremely pleasant one and a priceless experience. Thank you to all those who made this possible, whether you clicked on this out of curiosity or is a wonderful follower. Thank you! 🙂

And there was this one thing I didn’t realise was a goal –that it was something I truly wanted out of the blogging experience– until I accomplished it.

Inspired somebody to finish their novel. I would like to point out, though, that the hard work and dedication belonged to the writer: it was there all along. But somehow, call it the right-place-and-time, they managed to read this post and find motivation to finish their wonderful verse novel. And they messaged me, thanking me, and I was like, “It was all you. It was always all you.”

The fact I helped a single writer makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. It’s like sitting beside the fireplace with woolen socks and a good horror novel.

P.S: I apologise for the repetitive “-ful” in both “Bucketful” and “delightful” but I love how it flows off your tongue. Say it aloud.


12 thoughts on “A Bucketful of Delightful Blogging Memories

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