The Goal Is to Admire, Not Envy

I don’t feel jealousy as much as admiration. In order to be jealous of someone, I believe you have to think you’ll never reach their point. Fortunately, I’m optimistic that hard-work is the source of everything positive in life. Therefore, if I work hard enough, I will reach that goal too.

However, it seems I always have other priorities. Let it be reading, writing, studying, blogging, trying to understand the meaning of life, listening to music… I don’t want to sacrifice any of those activities. Therefore, I feel admiration for those who do spare their time in order to accomplish unique things.

List of Things I Admire In People:

  1. Those who have finished a classic and actually liked it. (I still can’t find what’s so special about Charles Dickens; perhaps I’m ignorant, but all I see is an abundance of run-on sentences and coincidental plots…)
  2. People who can sing –not naturally or by default, but because they put so much effort into their voice and taking care of it. (I think that’s self-explanatory. This is applicable to dancing, comedy, careers, music, etc.)
  3. Screen-writers (I’ve tried screen-writing. Failed. Never going back.)
  4. Artists and their magnificent talent of true-to-life scale of their perceptions (I drew a five-petaled flower yesterday. It won’t be making its way in art-galleries anytime soon)
  5. Those who can maintain study scores. (I am either achieving high grades –A– or low grades –B-minuses. Never in the middle)
  6. People with a good sense of humour. (Stand-up comedians, especially, as they have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. What if the audience doesn’t think they’re funny?)
  7. Mathematicians. (It takes a certain light to see numbers in a beautiful way)
  8. Writers who find time to write everyday and still manage jobs/school. (I suppose it’s difficult to do both while trying to achieve highly in both compartments simultaneously. For me, schoolwork always comes first)
  9. Those who do not procrastinate (although I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t)
  10. Philosophers. (Honestly, have you seen some of the stuff they have to do? Perhaps my mind would change with a better explanation, but all I see are symbols which are, apparently, supposed to be logical)
  11. Friendly extroverts (The complete opposite to me. Enough said)
  12. Optimistic people. (I love people who raise your mood up instead of knocking you to the ground. They are the best kinds of people to befriend)
  13. Those who accept life as it is. (Nobody is one-hundred-percent happy. I admire people who carry such ponderous burdens yet walk a mile everyday)

And lastly,

Those who try hard in general. Nothing in life comes easily. Those perspire, aim, aspire… they are the ones, at the end of the day, who have more chance. Also, talent has little value if it isn’t exercised to its full potential.

Perhaps you will find the following quote relatable?


7 thoughts on “The Goal Is to Admire, Not Envy

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  5. I’m with you on Dickens … and I still think Ms. Havisham (probably didn’t spell that right) is one of the scariest characters out there. Anyway, just stopping in – albeit a day late – from the jealousy prompt.

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