I Am Ramisa

In response to the Daily Post, which asks about a story behind my name, I have a lot to share. Or very little. We’ll find out by the end of this post. There is no significant story behind my name except the peculiar spelling and obvious foreign heritage of the word. “Ramisa.” Have you ever heard somebody called that before?

My name is Ramisa. However, this isn’t the only name I go by. Others include Remy, called by my close friends, or MidnightAria, my username for everything. Then there are always nicknames I’ve earned, but haven’t quite claimed as my own.

But today, I shall focus on the given name, as it will always be my permanent identity.

Behind the name: Ramisa

My real name, Ramisa, was assigned by my parents. As a child, I used to hate it. I still think it looks like of weird in print. But I suppose I’ve grown used to it. Also, I can’t imagine being called anything else –not “Nicole” (one of my dad’s favourites) or “Parisa” (meaning fairy, but then my superstitious mother decided it may be a bad omen)

It means “white rose.” However, my parents named me it intending to be, “Somebody who helps others.” Which I suppose is quite similar to the alternate meaning as “saviour.” I wasn’t named this until I was born, though. It was more of a careful pick through a huge database of names until they found it (they overcomplicate everything)

Never have I befriended another Ramisa. It’s becoming a trending name in my country, Bangladesh, but it’s still pretty uncommon (from what I’ve heard). I’ve met other Ramisas though. But it was more of a one-day meet and never-see-again kind of situation.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a common name. To kind of glance up everytime somebody’s calling it, but then you realise they’re not talking to you. Thankfully, whenever anybody says, “Ramisa” it’s me. It’s always me (which is sometimes a bad thing)

But my name, I suppose, grew on me. I used to want to change it to something more common like Yazmin (with a “z.” Terrible, I know. But I was 10) or Ginny (Harry Potter grew on me. I’ve always thought redheads were ridiculously pretty).

Now, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

*NOTE: For some reason, this post was track-backed to the Fight or Flight Daily Prompt by mistake. Sorry! I can’t seem to delete the link…



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