There’s Nothing Uglier Than the Human Mind


I fail to believe any object or any person is “ugly.” Then there are touchy subjects such as war, violence and slavery, which are quite negative, but also have a bittersweet kind of side attached to them. There is good in every bad, and bad in everything good; the world is an abundance of grey.

However, my definition of “ugly” isn’t in the world; it’s your mind. It’s my mind. It’s our mind as we surge through negative impulses, make  judgements or let our vengeful side rule us. The human mind, at its worst, the ugliest thing.

Ugly isn’t a how a person looks, but how they are treated as inferiors because of this. Being prejudiced against something as shallow as physical appearances, not feeling empathy for someone based on traits they didn’t choose. This may be related to racism, to people living with a disability, with those who are different from your definition of “normal.” If you treat these people the tiniest bit lesser because of this, it’s ugly.

Repulsive isn’t somebody who’s considered a “failure,” but the way they are looked down upon. This “failure” status causes so much pain to the person involved and sometimes to those around them. But thinking they are a lost cause, assuming they are not deserving of help is awful. To not offer help because you are competing with them, because you’re jealous of them, isn’t a good enough reason. To consider a person any less than human by their lost road is ugly.

If there’s anything I can label as ugly, it’s the human mind –at its worst.

And yet, it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world at its best. It grows stronger. We develop more. The world, which used to be so vast, seems so small as we age. We bond with those around us, find friends, family. Laugh. Live. Share stories over cups of teas and pass on fairytales to the next generation.

We feel guilt, which drives us forward to things such as charity. We offer to help people around us. We try and create things –art, music, dances– and share them with the world, trying to find a perfect match for our personalities. Our good traits are left behind, even when we’re no longer here.

Could it be the beautiful aspect of the human mind, the part which loves, is stronger than every darkness it overlaps? Maybe all those beautiful things, strung together, somehow outweigh the worst of the human mind. Until they are just misty, blurry clouds fading in the distance.

As we can’t have one without the other, as the world is a mixture of grey, we may never know.



10 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Uglier Than the Human Mind

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  5. Lovely, and thank you for liking my post on this DPchallenge. It’s funny how from the list of entries, your title was the only one that spoke to me… But I didn’t read it untill your like reminded me… well written and true, keep blogging please ❤

    • You are so welcome!
      And how strange: your post title spoke to me too! That’s why I stopped by on your blog (which I hardly ever do). And I loved your post on your conception of Human Shallowness (all which I agreed with).
      Thank you for your wonderful compliment. You have an amazing blog! And best of luck with all your future posts!

      • You too! I promise I’ll take a look at your following blogs 🙂 (which I hardly ever do xD) thanks for the compliment and all the best for your future posts as well 🙂

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