7-Day Music Blogging Challenge


My life is a song. I am the musician, playing melodies to suit different aspects of my life.

Times where I realise I left something important at home (cue Jaws theme song) and am dreading the arrival of a screaming teacher. Times where I feel compelled to admire artists, I play Song for Viola by Peter Bradley Adams –a song of which I never tire. Then other occasions exist where instrumental music takes me on an adventure, tossing me in a world of fantasy and unknown creatures (Cassandra by Two Steps from Hell)

It’s difficult to assess my life. The horrible parts I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy; the happiest moments I wish to indulge everyone in, letting them taste the utter bliss of life. Sometimes, life is so overwhelmingly beautiful, everything else pales in comparison. All that grey is hidden behind the glowing sun.

The smallest things make me happy. It might be rain, an unusual silhouette at night or a particular strike of something which makes me think. I look for things to love, to cherish and to admire. I made it a habit of mine, to jot down things that make me laugh or smile, and continue to add them to a never-ending list.

Maybe that’s the epitome of optimism, I don’t know. But what I do know is how it helps me cope with all the challenges. Writing. Reading. Blogging. Listening to music. I can’t image life without any of these things. They help me see the world clearly, find beauty in everything which passes me by.

It’s difficult to place a number on something. So I refuse to add a rating of my life, as I cannot predict the future and this post will no longer be timeless.

I’ll finish with a song, highlighting both sorrow and happiness, representing the essence of life more accurately than words ever can:

To celebrate the love of music, I’ve come up with a Blogging challenge. Absolutely everyone is invited to join!Β Especially you.Β Link back to this post so I can track you back as “other bloggers completing this challenge.”


  1. Your favourite song. Tell us the story behind it; where were you when you first heard it? Did you hate it at first? Are there any emotional connections between that song and your personal experience, feelings or thoughts?
  2. A song which triggers a very strong emotion. Jealousy, anger, depression, happiness, optimism or anything. How strongly does it impact you? Does it have different effects at different times?
  3. The song with the most beautiful lyrics. Do a lyric-interpretation of them to show your understanding of the song.
  4. Your opinion on what is the most depressing song. You are welcome to choose multiple songs and discuss a common theme (if any) among them.
  5. Choose a song which never ceases to make you laugh. Perhaps it’s the lyrics? The melody? The tone spoken in the words? Tell us!
  6. Blog about your favourite album and quote favourite lines from each of the songs included in there. Tell us why they are significant to you.
  7. Your favourite instrumental music. Tell us a time-by-time analysis of what you hear/feel throughout the song, as we are unable to sense your feelings completely. Why is this song so important to you?

EXTRA QUESTIONS: (If you want to replace them with the ones above, or just want to do more of this challenge. It’s up to you!)

Write a flash-fiction piece based off the lyrics of a song which you always felt was thought-provoking. For an extra challenge, write in first person and feel everything from the song.

The singer/band with the best voice, in your opinion. Do you like their songs? Are they “your taste”?

What is the exception to your “my favourite genre” rule? Do you have a special song which isn’t in your ideal genre but you love anyway?


Remember, everyone is welcome! Even you strange creatures with purple-blotched tentacles. πŸ˜‰

[EDIT 9/12/2014: As lovely as this challenge is, I’m afraid that I lost interest in these particular prompts, but not of music-blogging in general. Therefore, the challenge underneath the “7-Day Music Blogging Challenge” is more quantitative. My goal is to interpret song lyrics and blog about them –whether it’s through pictures, quotes, words, etc. But I’m leaving this post up, for anyone participating in this challenge :D]


30 thoughts on “7-Day Music Blogging Challenge

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  10. I like re–arranging song lyrics, that I can relate to or are appropriate to something going on in my own life, & turning them into poems. I published a short 1 on my blog that I wrote ten yrs ago back in college, & pinged it back to this. I’d love it if you’d check it out! πŸ™‚

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