Interview with Merve: The Series Novelist

A member of Wattpad since August 7, 2010 (3 years) Merve has been a hardworking teenage novelist. She finally got her big break upon transferring to MissLiterati, where she was placed as “Reader‘s Choice” on the front page, due to her excellent science fiction book The Aberration. In just 10 days, Merve had 10,000 (!) page-views and remains one of the top writers on the site.

Merve [Mer-vaye] is a young writer with already two completed novels under her sleeve. A Tale of Deception explores the world of Samara, a girl who picks up the pieces of her broken memory. Who is she? What is she doing? And these people, claiming to be on her side… what if it’s all lies?

Her second completed novel, part of a trilogy, is called The Aberration, based in a dystopian land and a girl who is considered abnormal. She is on the run. She cannot be discovered. A thrilling science-fiction story with elements of humanity, fans of the first novel cannot wait for the second book (The Abnormality) to be completed.

I am lucky enough to have the fantastic writer here today!


1. You got instant recognition on MissLiterati (10,000 views in 10 days!). How do you feel about that?

That came as SUCH a huge surprise. I remember logging in one day and seeing the number of reads, and I was like, “Wow!” I was never really that popular on wattpad, so being popular was kind of a dream until I joined MissLiterati. I would definitely recommend that site for people who are just beginning to post their stories onto websites. Because the community is so much smaller than wattpad, you get heaps more recognition. Thanks to MidnightAria (aka YOU) on wattpad for telling me about it.

2. Tell us a little bit about “A Tale of Deception” –your first completed novel.

I was so proud to finish A Tale of Deception and despite the fact that, looking back now, the ending of it was a bit rushed, and my writing has noticeable improved since then, I still feel very strongly for that story. I thought it was very light-hearted. Sure, it was a little dark in some instances, but overall I loved the jokes between Samara, Aliya and Jackson and sometimes I read over the funny parts and laugh out loud to myself.

3. Why do you write? You have 100 words (can be less). Go.

I write because I am good at it. I love it; it’s a way of creating a whole new world. When I’m bored, I just sit down, grab a pen (or a laptop) and write. I love that in a story you create yourself, anything goes, and I have fallen in love with all my characters to the point where it is so incredibly difficult for me to finish a story, knowing that I’ll never see (or write about) those characters again. It’s like saying goodbye permanently to a good friend.

4. Currently, you’re writing an ongoing series called “The Liberation Trilogy.” What do you hope a series will accomplish that a single novel won’t? (Character development, more action, adventure, that kind of jazz)

Oh my. This is an example of my crazy imagination. At first, I thought The Aberration would be a solo novel. I barely had anything planned for it, but I knew the vague direction in which it was going, and I (kind of) knew how I would get there. As usual, I had absolutely no idea how it was going to end, but that’s quite normal for me when writing a story. But then new characters and sub-plots began popping out of nowhere. I couldn’t just leave it all open-ended and not explain what happened to all the newer characters! Plus, I wanted to form more of a connection between my characters and my readers; I wanted the readers to fall in love with the world that I myself am in love with already. I have so much planned for Aurie, Xavier, Aliya and Rey – and for the new characters, whom my readers haven’t met yet (wink, wink ;)).

Plus, an international uprising against the government can’t take place simply in the space of one book, can it? The Rebellion has only just begun.

5. Your covers are wonderful! Who designed them? For covers you’ve designed yourself, how do you design them?

The cover for The Aberration was designed by Lrc284 and the one for A Tale of Deception was by somebody who’s username I have lost. If you are that somebody, could you please let me know so that I can dedicate it to you please?

I don’t have any one program that I use when designing my own covers (The cover of The Abnormality was one that I made), but I’ll list the ones I most commonly use. First, it’s important to find a beautiful picture. It takes me ages to find pictures that I know will suite my story, and that’s only the first step. Then, I use different programs depending on how I want it to turn out. If, for example, the picture of the girl that I found has a blonde girl with green eyes when in my story the girl has blue eyes, then I would go to and change her eye colour. You have to sign in first, but it’s free and very effective. Plus, you can even give them a different hair style which I think is very cool. Then, to add effects and such on the picture itself I would use, and to make any tiny changes in detail I would use Paint. It’s a pretty complex process.

6. You also have a project called “The Muslim Helpline.” Who is this targetted at and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

I’m a Muslim, so this project is really important to me. This is targeted at non-Muslims mostly, but of course Muslims can read it too. Some of the things I put up (and am yet to put up) are inspirations for everyone, regardless of religion. I know from experience that the fear of Muslims is what causes the rest of the world to dislike them, so I wanted to show the readers that Muslims are normal people too, and I want to disprove some of the misconceptions there are out there about the religion.

7. Do you write in chronological order or whatever you feel like and sew it together?

I write in chronological order, but often I’ll have little light-bulb moments and I HAVE to get it down before it escapes my mind, so I’ll write part of a chapter. Yeah, but it’s mostly chronological.

8. Have you ever outlined? Do you plan to in upcoming stories?

Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha. What is this outline thing you speak of? I’m fairly sure the words ‘Minnow’s stories’ and ‘outline’ should not even be put in the same sentence. As I wrote earlier, I will have a general idea (in my head) of where the story will go, but other than that everything else is a wild ride.

No, I probably won’t ever truly outline every detail of a story. It’s so much more fun this way!  =)

9. Who are your favourite authors? How have they influenced your writing? (Can be published or unpublished)

I don’t tend to follow a certain author; I will read anything that catches my interest. My absolute favourite writer at the moment is DistantDreamer on I read the story Finvarra’s Circus from her a while ago, and I literally could not get it out of my head for a fortnight or more. I will never forget that story; the characters, the plot, the writing style, EVERYTHING is just breathtaking. Her writing is beautiful. I couldn’t find any mistakes grammar-wise, and her vocabulary and sentence-structure is so flowy. It’s very hard to find a story that is as beautiful as this one, and I’ve fallen in love with it – and Finvarra. Him too. 😉

Published-book wise, I tend to go for the cliché romance novels. But other things that catch my interest are books with wonderful writing styles. As long as it has romance and proper grammar/vocabulary, I will read anything. I have a preference for fantasy and paranormal romances.

10. What are you planning to write in upcoming novels? 

For now I will focus on The Liberation trilogy, and I want to write a book based on the life of a Muslim girl later on, but I’m not too sure whether that story will come to be. Stay tuned ;).


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