How I Fell In Love with Anime

I have always wanted to blog about anime, but never found the courage until stumbling across the awesome Daily Post challenge. Somehow, in between discussing books, writing and music, there was little room for anime. But it’s a big part of my life, just like any other entertainment option.

Up until last year, or the year before, I viewed anime as nothing more than a children’s form of entertainment. Shows like Digimon, Pokemon, Sharman King didn’t alter my views. In fact, I was completely ignorant to the brilliant artworks that can also be aimed at an older audience until a friend of mine introduced me to her favourite anime.

I started watching. To be quite honest, I didn’t like that anime much, but watched all the way through because I loved the graphics. The scenery was beautiful. The exaggeration which lies in the person’s happiness/unhappiness/embarrassment, etc.

But most of all, I loved how every slight shift of the eye, every wavering of a lip was zoomed closely upon. Every facial expression has a meaning in anime.

Maybe this is why I fell in love with it.

My favourite, at the moment, is called Working!! (yes, with the exclamation marks) which is set in a restaurant with quirky, lovable characters, and lets the viewers watch the characters morph into someone different. The writers behind the comedy sketch are geniuses.

Every character is lovable, has their own unique set of quirks and are extremely weird, yet relateable. How do the writers pull it off so well? I have no clue. But the comedy aspect, the whole “bonding workers” theme, and the lovely animation draws me to the story.

If you are not an anime fan, or have not indulged in anime before, you are missing out. I personally love anime as much as books. Also, it does help that the worst anime I’ve watched is a million times better than the worst book I’ve read. Or maybe that’s the overall win-factor for me.

Still not convinced?

Only in anime can you get beautiful scenes like this:

Only anime can portray horror exactly as the writer/creator intended it. Not with low-budget cuts, actors who half-suit the position or inconsistent character development. The following wallpaper is of the first horror anime I’ve watched (and is currently one of my favourites) Another.

And lastly, only anime show so many facial expressions on a single person and have them easily detectable.

I am not degrading movies or television shows. But anime has something so extremely special, I can’t put it in the same category of entertainment, despite me loving television shows almost as much. It’s a category on its own. And whatever that category of entertainment is, anime is top-class there.


Do you watch anime? If so, do you have a favourite? What are you currently watching? Drop me a comment below! I love hearing from you guys. 🙂

Also, if you are looking for recommendations (regardless of whether you already watch anime or are somehow convinced by this post to start), tell me what genres you like and I’ll try and match you up with some of my suggestions.

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16 thoughts on “How I Fell In Love with Anime

  1. Cool! Another anime fan on WP.
    I just finished Zetman, Ao no Exorcist, Magi, and Shirokuma Cafe. If I get to finish stuff tonight, I might watch the anime version of The Diary of Anne Frank. And since the mayor called in a holiday tomorrow, I plan to marathon Brave 10.

    • I’m adding all of these on my To-Watch List. There’s an anime version of The Diary of Anne Frank? Top of that list! 😀
      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  2. I’m also an anime fan. 🙂

    My first was Cowboy Bebop – about a team of bounty hunters flying through space and catching criminals for a quick buck. The jazzy soundtrack is addicting and the stories mix humor, action, and romance. More favorites include Bleach and Naruto – which are longer running series. The fillers can be boring sometimes, but the main stories keep me watching. If you like shorter series, I’d recommend Samurai Champloo – it takes place in the Edo period in Japan but the music is more hip hop and compliments quite well. I fell right in love with the characters and their backstories. Trigun, Ghost In The Shell, Eureka 7… I could go on. I really could. 😀

    • I love how action-packed your anime choices are! I prefer more Slice-of-Life anime, but that’s probably because I haven’t watched many action-themed anime.
      Added all of those shows to my To-Watch list. And thank you so much for stopping by! 😀

  3. Your description of “quirky, lovable characters” who “morph into someone different” describes what I most appreciate in the characters of my favorite movies and books better than I could have. Great post!

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  10. I’ve been watching Beelzebub which is basically about a high school boy who somehow ends up having to raise a baby that would become the demon lord. None of the episodes ever fail in making me laugh. I got my cousin who was reluctant to watch this anime into it and all it took was five minutes of one episode. Yup, I’m dead serious. Five minutes of the first episode was all it took. I usually prefer anime with comedy, adventure/action, and a dash of romance.

    • Ah, this sounds so neat! Thanks to you, I shall watch it as soon as possible. Thank you for the recommendation! I always love comedy in anime. ^_^

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