My Favourite Song: 7-Day Music Blogging Challenge

When I was a young girl (about eight years old), I used to loathe music. It might be because of the terribly put-together music videos on television, or perhaps because I’ve never been, even at a young age, a fan of mainstream music.

In fifth grade, we had to put together a multimedia presentation. I don’t remember much of it –the subject, who I worked with (I’m guessing it was in pairs?) or anything else particular about that year– but I walked away with a new favourite song. A pop-rock song which was exceedingly different from those I’ve heard previously on television.

Predictable is one of Delta Goodrem’s less-known songs. This saddens me, as it’s my favourite out of all the songs I’ve heard from her.

It’s not so much the lyrics (although they are pretty good too) but the melody itself, the way she sings it, and the repetitive drums in the background. I loved it back then, and I still adore it now.

I consider Predictable by Delta Goodrem my personal “gateway” to the music world. After that, I began getting into music and trying to keep up with trends. I had a phase where only mainstream music was what I listened to, but now I can’t listen to them without getting a headache.

Now, I like the genres of music I listen to. Which are so extensive, I can’t fully describe a favourite genre of mine. I love all of them equally, and even if I dislike a particular category of music, there will always be exceptions.



  1. Your favourite song.

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8 thoughts on “My Favourite Song: 7-Day Music Blogging Challenge

  1. I’ve loved music from a young age. I, too, went through a phase where I *only* listened to mainstream music. I don’t know why. Maybe it was what everyone else was doing. But then I got an iPod touch and I got Pandora and was introduced to SO many new genres of music! I couldn’t believe all I was missing. I love rock/alternative rock and rap now and there are a few exceptions with pop music. But usually I just try to avoid it. It’s funny, though. None of the music I like is played on the radio!
    Great post : )

    • Oh my gosh, that is me too! In fifth grade, all my friends loved mainstream music, and that was me back then: didn’t know a single song that wasn’t, currently, on the Top 100 list. Ah, I love Pandora so much. Rap is so much more than what mainstream radios blast, and alternative/rock is my absolute favourite genre, along with instrumental/piano/jazz. And, like you, I discovered jazz music through Pandora and love it.
      Same with the pop music genre! I have a couple I like (and have listed in this post ) but, like you, I avoid them too.
      None of the music I like is played on the radio either.
      It’s so awesome to find somebody who has so much in common! πŸ˜€

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