The Joys of Student Life (A Life of Anime, Studies and Writing)

This post is a little late as I’ve returned to school for a whole week already. However, it’s without question that school is the most important thing in my life –after all, my entire profession does depend on my grades.

The pressure, studying for exams, forgetting which classes I have next and standing awkwardly beside another class’s door for ten minutes (heh); it’s all back. But this time, I am more prepared for the stress which will, surely, attack at the end of the term. Therefore, I am doing something that isn’t groundbreaking for humanity, but is for me: I am studying along with the school.

It’s one of those epiphanies which are extremely late. This is hardly a eureka situation for most people. But as for me, I believe I am a genius for thinking up this idea (I obviously have an exceedingly horrific judge of intelligence). And so far, in the second week since the holidays, I am going strong with frequent study.

As for other aspects of my life, this is what my timetable looks like: study and watch anime. Really, that’s about it. I’ve recently been reintroduced into the vivid life of cartoon animation and have fallen madly in love.

This exists a symbol of my utter adoration:

Two entire weeks living on anime? I didn’t realise it got that far. xD (Although it’s nowhere near as bad as my “One month and something-days” on television shows)

Recently, I’ve found anime and television to be more entertaining than books. I need to create a new “taste,” as my current one –young adult coming of age stories– are proving quite weak. In the last one I read, the book literally began with, “Hi, my name is ____ and I am ____ years old.” How somebody didn’t notice the dreadful beginning (no editor, agent, publisher or even the writer themselves) is mind-blowing.

On another note, my writing has been going well. I woke up last Monday (8th of July, I believe) and found my ongoing novel, Violet Ink, featured on the MissLiterati homepage. It has disappeared before I took a screenshot, but it made me extremely happy.

My current goal on Camp NaNoWriMo is 20,000 words, although I already had 10,000 penned before the event began. Currently halfway through my goal, and am optimistic about reaching it –if I ever do. I used to be a Type-A personality type when it came to writing; now I am a B.

Writing is no longer my life anymore; perhaps this is the biggest change of all since I last posted. It was a lovely hobby which developed into a serious form of therapy, yet I find I am no longer bound to literature as I once was.

It makes me feel happier. I no longer need to write in order to feel at ease. But I always have it on the side, something just on the corner of my subconscious, for when I next find another aspect of Tessa’s story to tell.

Violet Ink

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4 thoughts on “The Joys of Student Life (A Life of Anime, Studies and Writing)

  1. Aww I can’t believe you went back to school! :/ My summer is almost ending as well. I have at least, a month before it starts up again.

    As for writing, I feel the same way you do! That it’s not a form of coping or something to rely on anymore. But a hobby. Sometimes, it makes me sad, but then again…I don’t know. It’s hard.

    Oh btw, I found your questions you sent me and I have to remind myself to reply! I’m so horrible. Ugh. I just keep spacing. I’m a horrible friend.

    Wish you so much luck on your studies, Remy! I’m always here if you need me! ALWAYS 5EVER ❤

    • Ah, that sucks! You guys in the USA have really short holidays, right? We have two weeks everytime except for the fourth time, where it’s equivalent to your summer holidays. 😛

      The thing is, writing isn’t the only thing I have. I still have my studies, my responsibilities, my social life (almost nonexistent, but still there), school-life, etc. And I understand how you can relate; it’s sad, to oversimplify the feeling. Like a part of you’s lost somewhere.

      Hahahaha! Oh my, completely forgot about that email! Since then, I have changed my email address, so thank you for reminding me! (I’ll PM you my new one via Wattpad?)

      Thank you so much, Emma! I shall definitely come to you if I have any questions about English/History (you might be good at other subjects too, but with excessive reading of your blog, that’s what I picked up! xD)

  2. Honestly, I only write because I wanted to accomplish that dream as a child. As I started growing up, I began taking a dislike to writing. Sure, I like creating ideas and but I absolutely despise having to write them. What can I say? I’m a lazy teenage girl. xD Gosh, I love that excuse. It’s going to effective for a few more years. How many episodes of anime can you watch in a day. My minimum is 4-14. I work quick. x3
    Good luck with your studies.

    • The teenage girl excuse = The best. Although to be quite honest, I admire you for actually acknowledging the tediousness of writing itself.
      I have met many “aspiring writers” and here’s how the conversation went with most of them:
      ME: Wow, you’re an aspiring writer? Cool! What have you last written?
      THEM: Actually, I can’t remember that far back. Wrote about a dog, I think. Was in pre-school. The teacher said I was talented, and I’ve decided I’m gonna be a writer.
      ME: …
      Nobody, and I repeat, nobody, is a writer unless they actually write. No exceptions.
      I, like you, can get through episodes wayyy too quickly for my own good. Have actually gotten up early just to fit an entire anime in my schedule (I’ve once watched approximately 25 episodes in a day? xD)
      Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀

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