Undiscovered Artists: Der Jen

Upon looking up pictures for a cover (dedicated to a fellow Wattpadian of mine) I came across the most beautiful graphic art I’ve ever seen. It was drawn by a woman called Der Jen who focuses on traditional Chinese art, but also adds modern females of the Asian culture into the mix.

To say I was amazed is an understatement. The beauty of her works is difficult to describe. And upon looking through all her brilliant artworks, I have found my favourite one: the very first work which introduced me to her.


As somebody who can barely hold a pencil straight, this is magnificent. The little details are what captivate me; the uneven twists of the hair ties, the slight frizz at the back of her piggy-tales, eyelashes detailing the outside of her eyelids. Not to mention, a little glimmer where the sunlight would shine.

Everything about the painting is perfect.

Unfortunately, Der Jen died sometime in 2012. I believe she was 38 and details of her death were disclosed by her family. It’s heartbreaking to think she will never produce another work again; they are simply magnificent.

Here are a couple of her other works:

 photo Signature_zps96780f45.png


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