Oh, All My Friends Are Turning Green [A Vignette/Flash Fiction]

This is the third line from the song, Riptide by Vance Joy. It was the last song I heard and extremely (ridiculously) catchy. Anyway, I decided to something a little different with this challenge and write a vignette instead –which is a literary sort of text-type, where objects, scenes and moods are extremely vital, along with the emotions. But contradictory to the definition I was taught, I am going to try and make it as short as possible (a snapshot?) and a little bit like a short-story (but also working on the scene itself, too?)

What is it? I have no idea. Just experimenting here; and I only have 15 minutes to write.


Dim lights set the scene, barely darker than a single candle’s flame. Shadows surround the table, masks etched across each face until they are unrecognizable. I had entered upon false pretenses, expecting familiar and joyful faces, yet have been greeted with nothing short of concrete silence. Salty sweat trickles in a straight line and onto my clammed hands. A sterling silver ring, now darkening from age, glints on my finger. I should go home. There is nothing for me here. Every decision I have ever made, all the childish whims, set to this single moment. I know where I should be –anywhere but here.

“I’m bettin’ five-hundred.”

All the notes slip from my hand, which pleading for their safety, as if somehow knowing they’ll never be returned. My fingers linger on the seal one last time, and then it’s gone from my fingertips. Those surrounding me, for the first time that night, turn to me. For the first time, I see them for who they are. Their masks seep from their faces instantly. The pokerfaces I consider the new identities have now vanished, leaving something darker, more bloodcurdling.

I see the truth; one that cannot express itself in words, but in visuals. Red specks of fire and hungry vindictive; yellow, like the poison burning in smoldering fires, stirring and twisting in a fireplace; and green… a greedy, lonely, desperate colour. And when I see aspects of the colour oozing under their broad-brimmed hats, my heart sinks. All my friends, their cheery faces, are now nothing sort of a dark green –cold, confronting and irreversible.


This was more of a spontaneous short-story/vignette/snapshot/flash fiction, and I usually do not write them. However, this challenge seemed too wonderful for me to give up due to merely my changed perspective, so I went along with it. Sorry for the major inconsistencies, the rather vague description of how green plays in the story, and for veering off the meaning of a vignette a little, but I hope you enjoyed it to some extent! 🙂

– – –

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