We Dismiss the Meaningful, But Ponder the Trivial

Honestly, I have always considered celebrities something I would never blog about, but I am making an exception. This isn’t a praise of celebrities nor a ridicule; instead, it is just a mere glance at the priorities of the media, and how society is inevitably controlled by it.

It seems Miley Cyrus’ suggestive dance/whatnot is creating both an outrage and encouragement  from fans. If you don’t know the subject manner, it’s basically that the famous Disney star threw her innocent persona out the window while performing an extremely uncalled-for dance.

And it seems that none of the options in that poll could sum up my thoughts on the subject matter. So straight-out, here it is: This shouldn’t be big news. 

How do people know Miley Cyrus’ every move during that “dance” but not recognise Islam as a religion, not a country? Or name all the planets in the solar system? How does the event of Miley Cyrus’ dance linger in the minds of most, but ongoing conflicts around the world go by unnoticed? Why do questions like “Who is better at twerking, Miley Cyrus or Dolph Ziggler?” serve such importance? Why does any of this matter? 

All the above examples were very specific and don’t apply universally. However, they are all true stories; things I have found within people who know about Miley’s performance but fail to recognise other aspects of the world to nurture their learning, develop a worldly knowledge or other aspects of learning in general. That is just one criteria that is more important; I can list a lot more.

Other opinions I’ve read claim that the event itself as a chance to learn. Which I agree with to some extent, but my opinion of Miley Cyrus has neither gone down or risen. It’s just remained at a constant level: nonexistentI do not care about her dance nor if it was a publicity stunt. All those who are disgusted by the act itself, I agree it was uncalled for, but refers to the act itself than the person performing.

What enrages me is how this is such groundbreaking news. Why is everyone talking about it? Why are we comparing her dance to others? How do we know more about this than other more important, fragile incident? Is this what the world has come to –expressing excessive hatred/liking for something somebody else did and making the incident larger than poverty?

In conclusion, our society has turned into one which favours trivial, unnecessary details, blowing them up until they buzz in every mind. I can sympathise, because in comparison to the contemporary Syrian Wars, 25,000 people dying everyday from poverty and cruel animal abuse, a suggestive dance seems like a light-hearted alternative to subjects nobody wants to discuss. Unfortunately, they also happen to be the important issues.


What do you think? Did Miley’s performance happen on a slow news day? Do we all have more important things to think about? Does the general public just need a bit of context about the history of rock n’ roll? Did Miley’s performance simply go too far? Or, are we missing a chance to learn?

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7 thoughts on “We Dismiss the Meaningful, But Ponder the Trivial

  1. Unfortunately, so much in the world is reduced to what kind of slick PR it gets before it gets noticed. I don’t like it. Real issues get ignored and only sound bytes are heard. I would rather explore deeper and stop skimming the surface. But popular culture issues are also important to study if only to dismiss them or put them into a broader context in where society is going.

  2. You are right about so much – any web page touted as “news” will make sure and include the sensational. It’s like all the rubbernecking that happens on the highway! Anyway, obvisously I agree – just wanted to say so.

  3. I agree completely.
    Which reminds me of a very good poem one of my friends wrote once called: Palindrome for the future. If I can get his permission I think I’ll put it up on my blog.

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