Relaxing, Inspiring and Enlightening: 7-Day Music Blogging Challenge

It has been a long time since I’ve fulfilled the “7-Day Music Blogging Challenge” and now I’m ready to pick up from where I left off. This week’s prompt is a song that sparks strong feelings of any sort, and blogging about the effects of the feeling itself. I chose a positive feelings, which are all triggered by a single song: HAPPINESS/CALMNESS/INSPIRATION, and the song I have chosen is called “Sooner or Later” by Michael Tolcher.

I am always happy when I hear Sooner or Later by Michael Tolcher. It is basically, in my opinion, an echo of the things parents say to us. However, these are things that we wish parents would tell us, things that would benefit us. All of the things he mentions are valuable lessons anybody would find helpful, inspiring or even a little relaxing.

At any given time, I have positive feelings when I hear the song. I am always relaxed, happy, enlightened. This has to do with both the music and the lyrics themselves.

A lot of good advice on ourselves is shared among the lyrics:

Be first in line, raise your hand
Remember everything you hear
And playing in the rain is worth catching cold

Somethings you have to learn them all on your own
You can’t rely on anybody else
Or the point of view of a source unknown
If it feels good and sounds nice
Then it’s your choice don’t doubt yourself
Don’t even think twice

Sometimes, a little humourous:

Try not to say anything weird

Occasionally, extremely stress-relieving:

Sooner or later
We’ll be lookin’ back on everything
And we’ll laugh about it like we knew what all was happening

Throughout the entire song, I am inspired:

Try not to focus on yourself
Share that love with someone else
Don’t let the bitters bring you down (Down)
Don’t let anything bring you down


The advice we’re given through this simple song is golden. When I listen to it, I find a direction, straight-forward advice that I know is beneficial, and inspiring words of wisdom applying to different parts of life. When I listen to this song, the tedious advice given to be no longer is a deep mumble: I actually listen carefully to them.

It also carefully explores the role of the parents. I can see a parent saying these things, and I know that these are pieces of advice I would also offer others. A new, fresh perspective awaits me when I listen to this song. And if you have parents who are out of the “conventional” sense, these lyrics sum up what a “normal” parent would sound like.

We only want what’s best for you
That’s why we tell you what to do
And nevermind if nothing makes sense

(Sound familiar?)



  1. Your favourite song.
  2. A song which triggers a very strong emotion.

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