The Monsters Inside of Us

I wrote this short story for the Daily Prompt challenge, and used mainly dialogue to capture the voices of my characters and used minimal narration –which is a huge difference for me, as I am more of a two-thirds narration and one-third dialogue/descriptions kind of person.

Either way, it really helped me open new doors in the endless world of creative writing.

“Grandpa, if I gave you a million dollars, what would you do?”

“Never give it back, of course,” he jokes, flicking my nose. He props himself up on his elbows, colourful leaves crunching underneath his hunched body. Midst the stencils of tree branches overhead, sunbeams light our faces, and the warmth spreads from our flesh onwards. “Hey, don’t give me that look.”

Ignoring his teasing grin, I continue, “Is there anything you’d buy?”

“You know I hate answering questions that don’t have meaning, son.”

“You mean hypotheticals?”

He looks surprised. As his ashen eyebrows raise, wrinkles appear beneath his pale blue eyes. “My, your vocab’s growing.”

“’Course it is. Turning ten this year.” I lean closer to him. “Just this one hypothetical? Please?”

“Alright then.” He lies back down. I resist the urge to roll my eyes; Grandpa’s lazy nature has nothing to do with his age. “Know what I’d do?”


He points at the sun. “I’d get rid of global warming.”

Global warming? But we’ve got years –like, decades,” I add, a recent word I’ve learnt from my math teacher.

“Maybe. But if we don’t take responsibility, the world will be an awful place for people in the future.”

“You mean generations?”

“Jeez, you kids know so much. At your age, I still thought clouds were cotton.”

“You met grandma back then, didn’t you?”

His face darkens. “Son–”

“Because that’s what I’d buy with my million dollars. I’d get rid of death in this world, once and for all.” When Grandpa slowly steers away from me, his face hidden underneath his broad-brim hat, I look down. A single blade of grass sticks up; I dig my nails and rip it into two. “Sorry, Grandpa,” I say quietly. “I know you don’t like talking about it.”

After a moment’s silence, he finally speaks up. “Son, do you know what a monster is?”

I blink. “’Course I do. It’s a really big, imaginary creature–”

“They live inside of us. They are far more real than we dare to imagine.”

I watch him walk off, hands shoved into pockets and a limp in his left foot. He left his bag behind.

“Grandpa, you forgot your…” I trail off, recognising he’s not listening. As I pick up the unzipped bag, an object tumbles forward. A sleek-designed gun, liquorice black, fully loaded with bullets.

The wind carries the leaves in a disarrayed, forceful direction. My hands clench into tight fists, a distinct unsettling notion washing over me. Suddenly, the sunbeams don’t feel anywhere as warm.

Wow, that turned out a lot darker than I anticipated. A lot of hints about the characters were expressed in the dialogue, along with minimal narration and description. Needless to say, it is heavily influenced by my currently anime obsession, Monster, in which the theme of this short story derived from. Also, I apologise for the open-ending, but I feel it’s best for this kind of short story.

If you have any interpretations, I would love to hear them. I also love reading blogs, so feel free to shamelessly put a link to your own Daily Post prompt in the comment box (I’ll try and get to all of them, as I love challenges like these)



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19 thoughts on “The Monsters Inside of Us

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  2. I am so loving the darkness and the open ending! I agree that this challenge was difficult. I am new to the world of lots of dialogue, but it is such an exciting place to visit. I think the open ending is great. It leaves me wanting to know more and pondering the various potential meanings of your piece. My first thought was that the grandpa intended to kill himself and/or his grandson. It also occurred to me that perhaps Grandma was murdered and Grandpa intends to kill the murderer.

    • Wow, thank you so much for your interpretation! And quite honestly, I hadn’t thought of either endings for the short story –it’s always lovely to see what other people infer from an open-ending, because it rarely ever matches my own. Thank you so much for stopping by! (I simply must read your piece. I have it opened on a new tab and it looks so interesting!)

  3. Thank you so much for reading my story and for the mention in your blog. That really means a lot. I really enjoyed your piece – it did leave me wanting more, which I think is fantastic… Felt like the flashback to a much bigger story – I want to read the novel! What wonderful characters. Looking forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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