Stories in Exactly Six Words

Lately, I’ve found myself unable to engage in a book. I don’t know what happened, but my mind keeps shifting elsewhere, and I find myself reading poetry/watching anime/looking up quotes/ reading blog-posts instead. I am sure this is a phase that will soon pass.

Anyway, I stumbled across an imaginative site called Six Word Stories and am currently rampaging it like a hungry toddler with a cookie jar (!).

Of course, right now I am supposed to be doing:

  1. Math C assignment
  2. Fixing up my History assignment
  3. And my English Lit
  4. And preparing for Accounting
  5. And filling out my ARC reflection sheets

And many, many more other aspects of school. I have worked on my Math C for a solid 5 hours (since I came home from school) and have concluded that I am dying, and don’t understand what I’m doing. *breathes*

Anyway, here are some of my favourite stories (thus far) on the site.

Two wives, one funeral, no tears. —Desrio

She was lovely. Then things changed. —Ben

Imagined adulthood. Gained adulthood. Lost Imagination. —Lesayah

New start. New you. Not you. —Victoria

One friend, two faces. High school. —Nikky A.

Alzheimer’s Advantage: new friends every day! —Shweta Ghosh

Only voice: echo. Only friend: shadow. —Seablood

Monday morning, accidental decaf. No survivors. —Christe Brown

Knife hidden, he rings the doorbell. —Richard

Misleadingly deep puddle. Curious child missing. —grace

One bullet. Ten enemies. Kills himself. —Xia Chen Hao

Leaders lie. Sons die. Mothers cry. —Angelic

Endless stars. Home is there somewhere. —Kandinah

Logged out. Pulled plug. Found life. —Debra Argosy

Won food fight – used canned vegetables. —Dave

Once I finish scampering through every page, I am bound to find more favourites. How expressive are these sentences, these scenes, these feelings –told in exactly 6 words? I am astonished by human creativity and expression.


Also, a congratulations to Ivey for winning the Starbucks eGiftCard. I have to say it straight out: I have absolutely no bias towards her, despite being good friends. Rafflecopter has no way for me to “pick” any winner, and even if so, I wouldn’t. But at the same time, it’s eerie how the system tips in Ivey’s favour –in fact, she won my last giveaway too. I assume the reason her chances are greater is because she completed every option.

For everybody else who entered the giveaway, thank you. I hope the odds are in your favour (Hunger Games, anyone?) for the next giveaway. 😀


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